No Surprise at All

I wasn’t going to post about this person ever again on this blog. That’s what I told my two or three faithful viewers. In fact, I’ve been sitting on this for a while now, deciding on how best to handle it. Sometimes I think Stephen F. Smith writes silly drivel just to get attention. If this is the case, then it worked. Stephen F. Smith recently offered his billion viewers this kernel of logic. I will post the entry in case he removes it.

 What do you think of the Mary Winkler Sentencing? She was accused initially of murdering her husband, Matthew Winkler, a pastor in Tennessee. She was found guilty of reduced charges after testimony was rendered of possible spousal abuse by her husand. Does the battered woman syndrome apply to preachers’ wives also? She was sentenced to a very short sentence and could only have to serve 67 days in jail at most. Does this establish a dangerous precedent? Follow the new story below and then come back and comment. As disturbing as the above posting appears, it doesn’t surprise me. Stephen promotes and defends heretics, blasphemers and lady pastors so it should come as no surprise that he would come to the defense of a wife beating pastor. Nope, no surprise at all.