Should Johnpaul Shut Down His Blog?


I shot over to Craig’s blog the other day and saw an entry that really stirred my thought’s regarding blogging. The question Craig asked was “Is Blogging about Churches a Sin? There is another blog, owned by a guy named Johnpaul that is similar to Craig’s with many of the same complaints about his former church, only far more abrasive then Craig’s. These two blog owners share similar experiences due to the fact that both churches are linked to MFI. Where Craig’s is more doctrinal in nature, Johnpaul’s is more satirical. I think the real question should be “Should Johnpaul shut down his blog”?


Enter MondayMorningInsight, a website intended as a resource for Pastors and Church leaders. Apparently, the blog owner felt that Johnpaul was using his blog to “take down” his former church and its leader. The owner and others feel that the blog isn’t biblical because Johnpaul didn’t confront his pastor prior to starting the blog, as required in Matthew 18. By his own admission, Johnpaul didn’t follow Matthew 18 prior to starting his blog. John Paul’s blog is extremely rough on the church in question and its leaders. Perhaps there is too much gossiping being done on his blog. Maybe he needs to moderate the discussion a bit better. Johnpaul admits that maybe he should get a better handle on things. Should Johnpaul shut down his blog?


The Monday Morning Insight bloggers believe he should. In fairness, the discussion was very civil and I commend all parties. These types of discussions can easily get way out of hand. My gut instinct tells me that the blog isn’t really the issue, but that the same thing could possibly happen to the pastors and they’re probably scared. Instead of looking at Johnpaul’s blog and asking themselves “Is someone in my church disgruntled” or “Have I spiritually fed my sheep” they circled the wagons and made Johnpaul look like he was wrong. I don’t believe that he is.


There isn’t a commandment “thou shall not blog” but there certainly is a “thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor” and that is my only concern regarding the City Business Church blog. The anonymity of the Internet makes it easy to defame someone and all of us had better have our facts straight before we blog. Reputations are at stake.  I know this firsthand as I’ve had one “minister” who’s defamed me for nearly five years and it’s not pretty. I would hope that Johnpaul attempts to verify what anonymous posters are claiming about their pastors on his blog. Once you publish something, and it turns out to be false, you can never take it back. This is my only concern with the blog.


I wonder how many people, after reading Johnpaul’s blog, recognized similar situations in their own church and either confronted their leaders or went looking for a better spiritual home. How many people has the blog prevented from entering a possibly spiritually abusive situation? If even one person was prevented from spiritual harm, then the blog was definitely worth it. What’s done is done and we must pray for all those involved in this very sad situation.   


Should Johnpaul shut down his blog? I believe he’s doing what he feels he’s called to do regardless of what some scared pastors think.




Any thoughts?





4 thoughts on “Should Johnpaul Shut Down His Blog?

  1. Phil, Thanks a lot for your comments and thoughts about our blog…it’s actually rather funny to me. I’m just now writing a post for tomorrow talking about how I’m going to give it up for a couple of weeks and see if I can hear anything from God.

    I’ve been praying lately and haven’t really heard a clear answer on what to do…and as soon as I wrote that I pulled up my blog and saw your comments…if you were God, I’d be set. Anyway, I thought it was interesting timing.

    I don’t think our blog is going anywhere, there are a number of us who write for it and just because I stop doesn’t mean its over. As far as MMI goes…well, I think those pastors are going to have to get used to the idea of “angry bloggers”…the trend seems to be growing.

  2. Why do people never say anything positive? We tend to only make our opinion public when we are mad!

  3. Lalle,

    I would think that anyone who has been spoon fed false doctrines would be angry and yes, anger usually produces results both negative and positive.

    I believe that what Johnpaul and others are doing is working through their anger positivly and helping others in similar situations.

    Clearly they are doing a good work for the Body of Christ and I pray that they continue to be a light that shines the true teachings of Jesus brightly.

  4. Even David knew enough not to touch God’s annointed. Saul tried several times to kill him, pursued him wrongly, and was consumed by paranoid thoughts and jealousy.

    Yet David, whom the Bible calls a man after God’s own heart, forgave him, loved him, and honored and respected his authority. Even when he had every “right” to do the opposite.

    As a leader in an MFI church in northern CA, who’s been personally ministered to by Dick Iverson, Jude Fuquier, Dave Patterson, David and Patrick Kiteley and other MFI church pastors and leaders, I can testify that (at least in my experience) these are men of God who care deeply about seeing people grow in relationship with Jesus, seeing the lost saved, and advancing God’s kingdom on the earth.

    Whether or not you differ from them doctrinally on issues like prosperity or word of faith is no big deal, we are encourage by Paul that we some times have differences and that one who eats should’nt judge the one who does, and vice versa. But each decides in his own heart what “doctrine” is important to him.

    Maybe we can come together in unity across denominational lines to see people’s lives healed by the Cross of Jesus, rather than blogging about each other.

    And take care, since you seem so set sure on the idea that these men and their churches are “in sin”…rather than maybe teaching a different interpretation of the Word than you have….that’s an awful close approach to touching the Lord’s annointed.



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