Randy and Paula White’s Pillow Talk


Two weeks ago, the Tampa Bay Observer published a scathing expose’ concerning Bishop Randy and Pastor Paula White. These two prosperity preachers have yet to offer any explanations or attempt to refute the numerous allegations made against the Ken and Barbie of the heretical world other then to blame it all on the devil. I found this little inspirational gem on the churches website, just click the link below and we’ll examine it a bit more closely when you come back.




I find it quite interesting that the article is titled “Pillow Talk for Stormy Times” when one of the issues raised were the rumors that both the blaspheming Bishop and precious Paula haven’t exactly been very faithful to each other, but that topic doesn’t belong on the pages of Theology Today. However, there is some heretical theology that we can address. Let’s take a look at a statement from the pillow talk article.


“Have the God kind of faith!  Speak things that are not, as though they were!  Don’t believe only what you see, believe what is in the unseen realm”. 

Does God have faith? Below is the Bible’s definition of faith. We’ll use this definition to determine the veracity of precious Paula’s above statement. 

Heb 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


God doesn’t have faith or hope precious Paula.  God is Omnipotent (Exodus 6:3) Omniscient (Proverbs 5:21) and Omnipresent (Psalm 139:7). To claim that God has “faith” denies the very essence of who the Bible says He is. Only God can speak things into existence (Genesis 1:3). Perhaps precious Paula is heading down the “we are little god’s” trail that her pals Kenneth Copeland, Paul Crouch, Creflo Dollar and several others espouse. This pastor’s teaching is blasphemy and should be widely and publicly condemned.


Blaspheming Bishop White seems very comfortable with the teaching “Speak things that are not, as though they were”. His claimed educational credentials (proven false) demonstrates his adherence to this teaching. At least the blaspheming Bishop practices what he preaches. 

I’m surprised the White’s haven’t publicly “sown a seed” to get rid of this mess but you can bet these greedy blasphemers are still begging for money every Sunday and Thursday. I wonder if they will have a special collection for Ruth McGinnis and LaShanda Dupree, two women the White’s manipulated and deceived. After all, the sheeple pay for everything else, including a mansion, luxury automobiles, cosmetic surgeries and a private jet.  


Clearly, the Whites are delusional if they think they can speak this scandal away. In fact, it’s growing daily because of their silence. Their failure to honestly address the allegations raised here here and here are mind boggling. These two blasphemers have given a black eye to the Body of Christ and they should repent, resign and hopefully one day be restored as brothers and sisters in Christ if they are truly saved. Until this has been accomplished, these two heretics should be shunned and treated as heathens.


I think the Body of Christ deserves to hear a little more then “pillow talk” from the blaspheming Bishop Randy and precious Paula White. In the meantime, please pray that God will raise up a godly man to lead the members away from the broad road the White’s have led them on.


I will close with the Words of Christ;


Mat 23:1 Then Jesus spoke to the crowd and to His disciples, Mat 23:2 saying, The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. Mat 23:3 Therefore whatever they tell you to observe, observe and do. But do not do according to their works; for they say, and do not do. Mat 23:4 For they bind heavy and hard-to-carry burdens and lay them on men’s shoulders. But they will not move them with one of their fingers. Mat 23:5 But they do all their works in order to be seen of men. They make their phylacteries broad and enlarge the borders of their garments. Mat 23:6 And they love the first couch at feasts, and the chief seats in the synagogues, Mat 23:7 and greetings in the market-places, and to be called, Rabbi! Rabbi! by men. Mat 23:8 But you must not be called Rabbi, for One is your teacher, Christ, and you are all brothers. Mat 23:9 And call no one your father on the earth, for One is your Father in Heaven. Mat 23:10 Nor be called teachers, for One is your Teacher, even Christ. Mat 23:11 But he who is greatest among you shall be your servant.

Mat 23:12 And whoever shall exalt himself shall be abased, and he who shall humble himself shall be exalted.







20 thoughts on “Randy and Paula White’s Pillow Talk

  1. Hi, I want to thank you for your time and effort in posting these messages of information. I am a new christian and am very hopeful to see a change in my life but it is true to question the very people we put our trust in.
    One thing that has always struck me with these pastors in particular is their persistent tithing it seems to be on the top of every agenda, among other ways that they blatently hound you for money. I understand that the bible says we must tithe 10% of our income but to be made to feel guilty and outside for not doing this just doesn’t feel right to me espeacially when i’m not a big earner myself.
    Anyways, I want to thank you again and I hope you continue with your insightful blogs as they are a really good resource for those of us who are new and maybe a little naive.


  2. You are a silly man. You think that just because the Tampa Tribune published an investigative report on the Whites, their empire will topple? Joyce Meyer has been “exposed” many a time. So has Kenneth Copeland. A whole BOOK was written to expose Kenneth Hagin (more than one, actually). Blogs galore and articles by the score have denounced Benny Hinn and TBN. THEY’RE STILL HERE. They will thrive. They are giving people what they want. They are savvy to marketing research. The Church would do well to also recognize what people want–but give them the truth. In the meantime, rant and rave all you want. Hagin ministed for decades. Joyce is only gaining more followers (which must irk you, particularly because she’s a woman). Paula and Randy will continue to do what they do. All of these types of minister will just have to die out and a new generation of believers rise up. That’s church history, friend.

  3. The only reason we are on this site is because 1) we are aware it exists – thank you forefathers for freedom of speach; and 2) to express our support for Bishop and Pastor Randy and Paula White.

    As Christians, it is our duty to seek out the word, and not a man or woman to worship and follow. The teaching and annointing we have encountered since attending WWIC for the past 10 years has strengthened our faith in the Word, not the man.

    We will pray for those who spend their time focusing on man… and wish that only love will fill your heart and replace the vindictiveness that now prevails. There is a much more joyful life in store for you than to lament over a man…

  4. This comment is to the person that started this blog. You better be careful. You may want to read your Bible and see what happens to people that touch God’s anointed. You’ll remember that even after King Saul went off the deep end, David refused to do him any harm because he was still God’s anointed. No one knows what went on behind closed doors and its really no one’s business. Just because they are public figures doesn’t make their lives everyone else’s business. And sir, you seem to know your Scripture. You need to remember the one that speaks of restoring the fallen in the the spirit of love. And also the one that says, beware when you think you stand, lest you fall. The world views the church in this way; that we are the only group that kills its own wounded. The sad thing is, its true. What’s wrong with lifting our brother and sister up in prayer, instead of stomping them when they’re down. Beware lest you have to go through something much worse than what these precious people are going through. The only difference is their’s, unfortunately, is being played out in the public eye.

  5. This is so sad, whatever happen to covenant marriages? I am no judge because only God knows the reason WHY he allowed this to happen. So is it OK for Paula & Randy to remarry in the Lord? What does the Bible say about divorces & re-marriage? “I hate divorce” sayest the Lord. Maybe now Paula will need Rejoice Ministries, Restore Ministries – How God Can & Will Save Your Marriage.

  6. 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9 are very clear no matter what translation you read it in. Mr. & Mrs. White need to step down from all of their Ministries and reconcile their marriage. That is the only and proper thing to do in the light of the Word of God. God will not be mocked!

  7. I am here in the armpit of the world, somewhere in the middle east and I regularly watch TBN-Daystar, Church channel. and other channels where Paula White is on. I was speechless when I read a bit of information as I was browsing the issue about J,Bynum. I literally shed tears and all I did was pray. I was sad and hurting. Its true when a part of the body is hurting the whole body hurts. Lets continue to bless and not to curse and condemn.

  8. “Lets continue to bless and not to curse and condemn.”

    I don’t think thats the issue. The issue is that people are becoming multi-millionaires off of OFFERINGS. They go on TV asking for contributions in Jesus name when they are buying high end real estate Bentleys and Lear Jets. They clearly don’t need to be taking anyones money in any name … but in the name of JESUS ???? Then they divorce and because of that compromise these people no longer have a place in ministry… at least publicly. They need to be ministered to. It’s a whole other issue I know but Ms. Bynum and Ms. White have no business preaching in the first place!!! On top of that I have no idea where the title of “Bishop” gets dropped on people out of nowhere?

    All the while BIBLICAL literacy is absolutely nowhere to be found

  9. At the very least, the White’s should refund the money of anyone who purchased their teaching material on marriage or relationships. Their divorce announcement is one of the most ungodly examples for the church today. I pray they repent. We shouldn’t be upset with the Tampa reporter exposing the White’s. The Bible says you cannot mock God you reap what you sow and be sure your sins will find you out. A lesson for all of us to live Holy and walk in Godly integrity; especially before the lost.

  10. Pastors Randy and Paula need our support.
    I strongly believe that these two anointed servants of God need our support as Christians. We need to pray for them rather than being judgemental towards them. I am not saying divorce is the right thing. My main concern is that the way we view and express this issue is AGAPEless. I neither condemn nor condone them, but, I say let God be the judge, and we need to play our part by praying for them. Lastly. we need to fix our eyes unto Jesus who is the Author and the Finisher of our faith.

  11. Attention Berean. See Joel Ch. 2. Men AND WOMEN will minister in the Last Days, and it’s not for you to say who is called and who is not. In fact, if more men sought the Lord, He wouldn’t have to give away all those jobs.

    Attention Ruth: God DID NOT instruct David by saying “touch not my anointed”. On the contrary, 1st Sam 24:4 shows God saying, “As for [Saul] I DON’T CARE what you do with him.”

    It’s time the church stopped getting so sentimental about a man [Saul] who SLAUGHTERED 80 Levite priest, okay?

    So, just because David said “touch not my anointed” does NOT mean God told him to obey that. Fact is, God wanted David to KILL Saul and delivered him into David’s hand several times!

    Please be also advised that 1st Tim 5:20-21 and says if an ELDER is caught in sin, to rebuke him in front of everyone, so that all may fear.

    As for the Whites and the Weeks, I have no judgment for or against them!

    I’m just saying … the church needs to understand that whenever ministers do sin, they are SUPPOSED to be rebuked … not coddled. Unless, you’d like to cancel out scripture with your own “teaching”.?

  12. Hi Selma,

    What verse are you using in Joel 2? Is it verse 28 or 29?

    I can’t find anything in that chapter that says women can minister. Maybe I missed it on a quick read which is always quite possible.

    I don’t hold to a woman can be a minister as in a pulput. Women have roles, but not that one. If I’ve missed something in my study, I need to be enlightened.

    I totally agree that the “tolerance” doctrine we have today needs to vanish away.


  13. Hi Dorothy … Joel 2:27-29. Because I take the Word literally, I take “all flesh” to mean bother genders. This is then compounded by the commission we see in Mark 16L15-18. Notice the phrase “them that believe” …

    15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

    16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.

    17 And these signs shall follow THEM THAT BELIEVE; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues…they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

    The in-my-face message here is that if signs and wonders are going to follow “them that believe” (which I do) they must be “practicing” the ministry.

    Further, when God “pours out” His Spirit on “all flesh” no one would be able to stay quiet. It would defeat the other commandment … to go into all the world.

    I’m sure you’ve heard it said that … 1000 pastors throw in the towel every month ? … If they stuck it out, the Lord wouldn’t have to call other laborers into ministry …. Coz hey, laborers are few. Feel free to write me also at skelly007@juno.com. sk.

    Phil: Jesus was referring to the Apostles. He wasn’t referring to you or anyone else for that matter.

  14. Hello again Dorothy … Sorry for more stuff. I usually don’t allows others to do my study work for me (because I ‘m well versed myself, thank you) but I will do it just this once because I’m at work. From a website, here is the summary of what the WORD states, concering women in ministry:

    “While Paul does appear to restrict women from speaking in two specific places in Scripture, he did this because of the social environment of that day. He was not making a rule for all time. Like his admonition to slaves that they should obey their masters, he was advising people how to live in the first century, not writing a rule for all time.

    Besides, there have always been women active in God’s service, even though women were second class citizens in ancient days. At Pentecost, Peter claimed the prophecy was fulfilled that sons and daughters would prophecy. In fact, Philip had four daughters who prophesied (Acts 21:9). Prophecy was the first century equivalent of preaching.

    If Paul was so opposed to women leaders, what will we do with Priscilla—an obvious tower of power in the book of Acts. Or, how about Phoebe (Rom 16:1-2), whom Paul calls A MINISTER from Cenchrea?

    When Paul ends Romans (16:7) he commends “Junia, outstanding among the APOSTLES.”

    PLEASE NOTE: It was not until the middle ages that her true name was changed to Junias … to hide the fact that this was a FEMALE APOSTLE.

    Then, Paul tells us in Galatians that “In Christ…there is neither slave nor free, male and female?’

    Again, sorry for the additional info. I wish you all a Proverbs 10:22 year in 2008. sk.

    Phil: Women are called to a ministry. They are called to train the younger women on how to live a holy life. They are NOT to have positions of leadership within the Body of Christ. 1Timothy 3 is very clear on this. There were no women apostles Selma. Please give us the link where you got your information.

  15. I was waiting for someone to jump in here. Since no one did I guess I will handle this. Please feel free to just jump in here and respond to things of this nature. Practice defending the Word here and you will be better prepared when you have to do this in person.


    1Samuel 24:4 says nothing of the sort. God never told David any such thing. Had He, David would have cut off Sauls head. David was NOT supposed to touch Saul and it grieved him that he did (1Samuel 24:5-6). This is why it’s so important to read Scripture in it’s context.

    Who killed Saul Selma? What was Davids reaction to the man who admitted to killing Saul? The answers are found in 2Samuel Chapter 1.

    Hope this clears this up a bit for you.

  16. Selma,

    Check out the Greek on minister and you will find that more often than not, it means servant. It’s a translational thing.

    I was sold on feminist theology also, but when I really studied the scriptures I realized the error and repented. While men and women have roles, they are very different roles.

    Prophets were messengers of God. As women we are not restricted in that role. The platform God has given us is different. He covered all the bases.

    The quote from Galatians “neither slave nor free, male and female” is speaking of our inheritance In Christ. It is not teaching equality of roles. Go to Eph 5:23 and 1Cor 11:3. The structure is there.

    I do understand your position because I held to it for a while. Keep up your studies. Don’t stop where you are on the roles of men and women. The feminist position is constantly trying to make Paul appear to be at conflict, teaching one thing one place and another elsewhere. Feminist theologians have to take scripture out of context – as they do in Galatians – to make their point. Paul was clear. He placed high value on the roles of women and he defined those roles.

    Women play a very important part and are not considered less worthy just because our roles are different than those of the men.

    How a husband or Church leader treats women is a direct reflection of Christ’s love for the Church. How women treat their husbands and men in the Church is a direct reflection of their love of Christ. It’s a breathtaking arrangement when seen from His eyes.


  17. Good Morning Everyone …

    Thanksgiving is almost here, so I thought I’d wish you all a fabulous, warm and happy Thanksgiving with your families.Phil: The same to you!

    Attn: Phil. Hello, and thanks for your reply. Phil: You are welcome!

    About: “Them that believe…” No, you are incorrect. Signs and wonders are not bestowed only to the Apostles. What you’re trying to do right now, is down-play the in-your-face generality of this inclusinve term. If Jesus had meant the Apostles, He would have said so.

    Unless you’re trying to say that some Apostles “didn’t believe”? If that’s the case, then you should know they were ALL PRESENT as believers on the Day of Pentecost, right?

    I pray over sick people all the time, and wonders do follow … the most recent was a 5 year old child who was totally healed of Leukemia, and is still well, after one year.

    Then, about 2 months ago, a mother told me her son did not qualify for cleft palate surgery, a $250,000 problem. So we prayed and commanded the doors to open. I told her not to do one more thing, because the State would call her. 2 weeks later, the State of Texas called and her son goes into surgery in Jan 08.

    The bottom line is, if you don’t believe, signs simply won’t follow you. “Be it done unto you according to your faith.” You have not, because you ASK not. Phil: Does that mean that every believer gets healed? Does that mean that if someone doesn’t get healed it’s because they don’t believe?

    About Saul: The scriptures I provided are not changeable, so no more needs to be said on that. And yes, I know who killed Saul, and I also know God set him up to be killed by David on more than one occasion. This is not clear to you?Phil: No, that’s unclear to me.

    About: Junia the Female Apostle… That was news to me too! Sorry – can’t find that site from last Friday, but to my surprise there are 100s of others on this topic. Phil: I’m sure there are.

    From: “ReligiousTolerance.org”

    Page Title: “Female Prophets, Disciples, Ministers & Apostles Mentioned in the Bible”.

    (PS: I don’t prescribe to “religious tolerance” because there is only one Blood that saves. But it does cite some interesting things that weren’t included in my first sending …)


    Exodus 15:24: Miriam, the daughter of Aaron was a prophet

    2 Kings 22:14; 2 Chronicles 34:22: Huldah, a prophet, verified the authenticity of the “Book of the Law”. She triggered a religious renewal.

    Philippians 4:2: Paul refers to Euodia and Syntycheas Evangelists.

    The “offices” of Prophet and Evangelist are recorded in Eph 4:11-12.

    Romans 16:1: Paul refers to Phoebe as a minister or DEACON. The Greek word which describes her function is “DIAKONOS”. Phil: That word means a female who teaches at home Selma.

    Paul later refers to Phoebe as a woman, calling her “our sister.” This prevented later church leaders from hiding her gender.

    Romans 16:3: Paul refers to Priscilla in the original Greek as “synergoi” … which literally means “fellow worker” or “colleague.” Phil: That doesn’t make your case for female leadership in the church Selma. You’re reaching here.

    And again … Romans 16:7: Paul refers to a female apostle, Junia, as “outstanding among the apostles” (NIV) Phil: No, he never refered to “Junia” as an apostle.

    Every Greek and Latin church Father until Giles of Rome (circa 1000 CE) acknowledged that Junia was a woman. (Other sites say 300-400 BC)Phil: I don’t care what other sites say. What does the Word say?

    The word “men” was simply inserted by the translators, apparently because the translators’ minds recoiled from the concept of a female apostle.Phil: And you know this how?

    There is also a 3rd or 4th century burial site on the Greek island of Thera contains an epitaph referring to Epiktas, a PRIEST. Epiktas is a woman’s name. Phil: Are you sure about this? I actually live in Greece and never heard this before.

    Blah blah blah … the bottom line is this …

    THE ORIGINAL GREEK AND HEBREW IS THAT IT CANNOT BE ARGUED WITH, OR DISREGARDED.Phil: I agree but you have not shown me that you have any understanding of either Hebrew or Greek Selma.

    Female Deacons, Evangelists and Prophets, now have to be acknowledged.Phil: No, they don’t.

    Again, Laborers are few … and the outpouring on all flesh, men and women, cannot be denied. It’s here and it’s not going away.

    May I ask you this … When your children get sick, how do you pray?

  18. Selma,

    (Selma) The bottom line is, IF you don’t believe, signs simply won’t follow you.

    (Me) I won’t bother you with my experience in faith healing or the damage I have witnessed that it does to those who think IF THEY HAVE ENOUGH FAITH THEY WILL BE HEALED.

    This puts the responsibility on man and not God. Then when healing doesn’t occur, the resulting thought process for the one sick is that they must not have enough faith OR God doesn’t love them as much as He does others.

    I’ve dealt with many who have come to the brink of losing their faith over healing versus faith. The fact of the matter is that we are all physically dying. You can’t stop that process.

    Do I believe that God can heal us of physical afflictions? Yes. It is His sovereign right to do so and there is nothing we can add or subtract from His Will. Christ did not make faith a qualifier before healing.


  19. phil,

    Outstanding point that you make that these guys will not use the same pratices they tell others to use to get out of their hot water. They are good. I tell you the best marketeers in the world are located in the church.

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