Randy and Paula White

I was surfing the web the other day and discovered an article about Bishop Randy and Pastor Paula White. As anyone who follows this site knows, I have serious issues with precious Paula’s being a pastor and about how greedy she is. Well, I already KNOW she has no business being a pastor but it appears that I was right about her greed. Take a look at this article and also here. If this isn’t enough to turn your stomach, there is a forum here that’s worth a look as well.


Precious Paula’s plastic surgeon will be a busy little beaver removing all the worry lines caused by the loss of revenue as this scandal unfolds. Maybe she’ll hop in her jet, fly up to New York, shop ’til she drops and flop in her 3.5 million dollar Trump Tower apartment. Randy will most likely scamper off to Malibu to “influence the influencers” the “movers and shakers in the movie industry”. The bishop told an aspiring class of pastors recently “You all can’t hang; you are all too religious for me. That’s why I need to go to Malibu, to get away.” 

Yep, it looks like prosperities version of Ken and Barbie are finally getting the type of attention they richly deserve. I’m curious to see how these two cosmetically enhanced cutie pies attempt to weasel their way out of this one. Maybe they will “sow a seed” to make it all go away as they teach others to do.


The Whites are accused of lying cheating and stealing. They are accused of living like royalty while they pay their staff “peanuts”. They are accused of manipulating their congregations into giving them their money in order to get rich. Remember that the White’s are pastors of one of the largest evangelical Christian churches in America. Their actions hardly seem Christian.


Looks like trouble in paradise, and speaking of paradise, check out what one highly confused follower thinks of her church and its shepherds;


The church is “like what heaven must be like” stated member Shantae Thomas, 36, The registered nurse from Riverview said her pastors are “true shepherds who hear straight from God” and set an example of Christian service to the congregation. “It’s all about the word. It’s all about the Bible,” she said. 

Sorry to disappoint you Ms. Thomas, but the Word of God has taken a back seat to a different gospel, the word of gluttony and greed with Randy and Paula White being the chief beneficiaries. Their word will send you straight to hell. God’s Word will save you and I don’t think Randy and Paula give two hoots about preaching God’s Word to you. 

I wonder what flavor Kool-aid Randy and Paula will be passing out this Sunday morning if they have the courage to show up. 

I think “heaven” will be pretty interesting in the next few weeks.


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  1. I had posted on Pulpit Pimps on the Financial statements of Paula White. They are quite revealing. In them you will find millions of dollars of assets including a private jet and luxury cars. Unfortunately you can’t gleen from the financials how much her salary is. You can however narrow down the account from which she would draw her salary. The amount total is in excess of 5 million dollars of which what is her % she will never disclose.


  2. I have a problem with Paula, too cater your minstry to one group of people, blacks I have a issue with that. Trying so hard to be something you are not, and people buying into that nonsense is pityful. She saw the value in taking advantages of our people. I don’t care for that, preaching to people emotions.

  3. I am a member of Without Walls International Church and have been for about 7 years now. As far as I’m concerned, the only thing you know is what you HEAR about them. You are slandering peoples name with no proof at all that what they are accused of doing is true. I honestly do not put it past them, only because they are human, and humans, no matter how good our intentions are, will ALWAYS mess up. If this weren’t true then there would be no need for Jesus or his redemption. As christians, we follow Jesus’ example, not pastors or bishops or deacons etc because they will all mess up somewhere. I am able to have a positive outlook on this because our Bishop has taught us to keep our eyes on Jesus and we will never be let down. I suggest everyone who is pointing the finger in judgement refer to the BIBLE for how to deal with this and any other situation where a christian has fallen or has been accused of falling. Its really not about their guilt or innocence, its about using Jesus’ example. Instead of accusing, judging, and celebrating their so called failure, PRAY FOR THEM!!!

  4. Amber,

    What did the White’s say Sunday to defend against the allegations made against them?

    Let me guess for you, since I wasn’t there;

    1) They blamed the attacks on the devil.

    2). Their ministry is about to reach another level.

    3). They claimed they would tell you all the truth privately.

    Am I close?

  5. Since when do we as Chrisians take the word of a secular reporter (M. Bearden) who is also a Buddist in their assesment of a ministry. I personally am sick of the lack of discernment of the Body of Christ as to the spiritual welfare that has engulfed us.
    I am not here to defend the Whites. On the other hand, none of us have the facts to judge them either. No ministry would survive the scrutiny of a secular reporter who is bent on destroying that ministry.
    My pastor was the subject of several articles in the newspaper. I was personally aquainted with the facts invloving the accusations that had been made against him. The reporter did not report the facts. When the editor of the newspaper was confronted, he said “we are not intrested in truth as much as telling a story. The church tells the truth, we tell stories…that sell newspapers”. So we continue to listen to the churches critics as if they are telling the truth. None of us want to judged by the same standards that the Whites and other ministers are judged. It is time for the Body of Christ to grow up.

  6. Please remember that the reporter in question has written SEVERAL very flattering articles about the Whites in the past. No one questioned her religious beliefs then. I think its pretty weak to start questioning her now, don’t you think?

  7. get a life people, philly isn’t posting anything that’s not true!!

    it was a proffesional audit (not a newspaper) by Lewis, Birch & Ricardo CPAs, that stated the White church takes 35 mill in tithes,5.5 million in salaries for 2006 and thats jut some of the figures!!!

    as john lydon said “ever feel like u’ve been conned?”

  8. OK, we weak minded christians are stupid!. Please guys give us more credit, we are human and error everyday. No one can say we are not. I first of all being a christian for 33 years, and having a discerning heart and ear. These people get a salary, so what if its in the millions. Jesus is still alive and sitting on the throne. He is without sin cast the first stone. Go ahead and point fingers (when one is pointing at another person, four are pointing right back at you). Forgive and let the Lord do the judging not us.

  9. Shame on those who who say they reveal the truth of God’s people. Let God pass judgement on them. Hmm! Are you just plain jealous because you don’t have what they have been granted for their faithfulness to God’s word.

  10. I, too, have been a member of Without Walls and because of a move to another state am no longer. I was deeply involved in the ministry until about a year ago. I know that some of the stated “facts” in these articles are untrue. I, too, am an accoutant and can read a financial statement. So, she may or may not collect up to $5 mill., so the church brings in an excess of $35 mill. I am so tired of people christian or non-christian, thinking that we should be poor! Really people read your bible, Jesus was NOT poor. How do you think the disciples took care of their families? Why did Jesus need an accountant? You know the tax collector, read his history! They had families people. It those days it was the man’s responsibility to take care of his family, whether he was there or not. How do you think this was done? Jesus!! It did not just fall down from heaven! Is it possible they have done some of these things, yes, they are human. But, I know some of the “facts” and they are not true as stated!

  11. I was like Terri at one time. I believed these phonies for a time. Only the hardcore truth set me free from their spell on me. These people are nothing more than a bunch of phony liars. All they want is money.

  12. Paula gave Pastor Jakes a new Bentley convertible. Jakes has been her mentor.
    The name it and claim it gospel is finally on its way out but none too soon and too late to stop these two from being set for life with the loot they have fleeced from their flock.

  13. This is in response to Terri in comment 10 above:

    Really people read your bible, Jesus was NOT poor. How do you think the disciples took care of their families? Why did Jesus need an accountant? You know the tax collector, read his history!

    Terri, you are the very person who needs to go study (not read) your Bible.

    One: Jesus was certainly not rich. I cannot state categorically that He was poor either. But He wasn’t rich. Here are a few reasons:

    1. The needs of Jesus and His apostles were met by a group of women who took care of Him out of their own possessions. Luke 8:1-3

    2. There is nothing in the Bible that says Jesus used the services of an accountant. That’s playing around with words. Judas, of whom it is stated that he kept the treasury was a member of Jesus’ ministry team, meaning he was not keeping Jesus’ personal money. In all probability Judas kept ministry funds – for accountability

    3. Rich people in Jesus’ day rode around on horses and donkeys. Jesus trekked. The only time He rode a donkey (at least that we are told, He borrowed one!

    There is more in the Bible to suggest that Jesus was poor than there is to insinuate that He was rich.

    What version of the Bible do you read?

  14. since when did pastor become so holy that they cant sin…..they are flesh and blood like ever one else…..we all fall short….the porblem is that people place them in roles which God didnt give to ministers…..read the bible most of the mighty men and women of God maid many errors…..poeple need to learn not to look at pastor but look at God…a pastor is only a men and only fools put there trust in men…..that in the bible…..see people dont read…..you just want to go on sundays. list to a sermon and thats it your the perfect christian!…..do i argee with everything done at WWIC..NO…but we are no one to judge pass judgement on anyone…..the bible says that by the same rod you measure you will be measured….i just pray that people would stop bring each other down and strat helping each other get up….

  15. to dance with the devil you will pay a price.the gay parade.joe redner..using Jesus to win people like darly strawberry is horrible…Jesus will not be mocked and just as Israel prosituted her self Gods’ Judgement will always prevail…God will share his glory with none

  16. It is just sickening and sad to see another Charasmatic “Full Gospel”, Holy Ghost, Lady Preacher ministry go down in flames. I am not surprised though. The little foxes spoil the vines. These “preachers” start with an ingoring 1 Tim. 2,11-15 and then it begins the process of overlooking lots of other uncomfortable passages, concerning greed, pride, etc. The “church” which then emerges is warped and appeals to the fleshy yet religious appetites of people but itself is a glowing denial of the Christian truth with it supposedly preaches. It ultimately implodes. In the country I minister in we also have outposts of the “Church without walls” and they have done much more harm than good.

    It does not surprise me that “Bishop Randy” will stay on and “pastor” despite failing the test of a Bishop 1 Tim 3,1-7. They promote a faith of Sodom in the guise of Christianity. Ez. 16:49

  17. Being in the ministry for a number of years now, I must say that I disagree completely with the way the the Whites and all other leaders of mega churches have seen an opportunity to take advantage of the people of God. Anytime you have a church numbering into the tens of thousands, and the church brings in 35 mil a year, yes the pastor should be taken care of. For all the ministering, counseling, and overall sacrificing, that pastor is not able to work a normal job, his job is the ministry and it is the churches responsibility to compensate the Pastor. Where I have the problem is when the pastor takes a salary into the millions of dollars! That is outrageous.

    Oh and by the way, someone on here said Jesus was rich, thats biblically and fundamentally untrue. Jesussaid Himself ” the foxes of the field have wholes, the birds of the air have nests, but the son of man has n ot a place to lay his head” so much for that theory………

  18. I’ve been to Without Walls a number of times. The pastor’s are amazing at what they do…preach the word. I don’t care if they make a billion dollars, what they say speaks to my heart. I know that they make some big money, but who cares. They are divorcing…who cares. I do not go to church and judge others…I go to be inspired and uplifted.

  19. Emo,

    You should go to church to worship God, not idolize the pastor. Besides the Almighty seeks worshipers in spirit and truth. These religious showtimers may “inspire” you but what they do, based on scripture’s truth, is not acceptable before God. According to the Bible, women should not preach (1 Tim 2). As a “bishop” Mr. White has shown twice that he is not Biblically qualified, having been divorced now twice. (1 Tim 3). In charismatic megachurches usually they end up in scandal and disgrace. Chales Parham the “Great Grandfather” of the Charismatic Movement was charged with Sodomy in Texas. Aimie Semple MacPherson was tainted with scandal allegedly running off with her radio broadcaster. Kathryn Kulman divorced her husband. What about Jimmy Swagart, Jim Bakker or Ted Haggard?

    False prophets are known by their fruits- greed, divorce, sex scandals. This is not the Holy Spirit of Christ but the spirit which works in the sons of damnation.

    I am glad you feel “inspire and uplifted” but that is not the essence of Christianity. Christians as they are called BY OTHERS are people who seek to live like Christ, serve him and WALK in truth.

  20. Here’s a little sniper from the Pastors’ desk:


    Q: Can you tell my in the Bible where I can find that a woman can preach and pastor?


    A: There really is no scripture in the Bible that says one must be male to preach His word. For that matter there is no scripture that says one must be a male to pastor. The Bible tells us in Galatians 3:28, that in Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female. In Christ we are all one.

    Here is what the Bible says:

    Exodus 28:1 “Now take Aaron your brother, and his sons with him, from among the children of Israel, that he may minister to Me as priest, Aaron and Aaron’s sons: Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar, and Ithamar.”

    All the priests of Israel were to be MALE. (there is no OT for a female priesthood, unless you subscribe to the Baals and Ashterahs). In fact woman were to be separated from the men in the temple and did not approach the altar.

    1 Tim 2:12-15
    And I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man, but to be in silence. For Adam was formed first, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived, fell into transgression. Nevertheless she will be saved in childbearing if they continue in faith, love, and holiness, with self-control.

    The “Pastor’s” are deceiving you saying there is no scripture forbidding woman preachers.

    Deception is deception and it only gets deeper from there, thier marriage appears to be collapsing because instead of Mrs. White being submissive and under the authority of her husband, minding the home etc (Eph. 5,22 1 Tim 5:14) . She is out “preaching” and running her own multimillion dollar businesses. The breakdown in harmony, communication and direction for the family crumbles in such situations. If you don’t apply the Bible your house collapses (Mat. 7:25-26).

  21. Shemyia,

    You are living in the past, if a women can hold a 40 hour a week job. She can certainly preach the gospel, statictically she prays more than the man. Now get over it and live in the newness of life. Jeremiah 31:22: “A Woman shall Compass a Man”

    The issues raised here are about SIN (adultery, the love of money, violence, lying and hypocrits)… There is nowhere in the scripture for nasty men to preach but they are!

  22. Missionary,

    You forgot the most famous (or should I say infamous) female priest of the Bible—Jezebel.

    Rev 2:20
    20 Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.

    Peace to All

  23. You qouted Jeremiah 31:22 way out of context. The woman compassing the man is a sign of JUDGEMENT on backsliding Israel, not blessing. Besides, since when does the church look to the business world for its principles of church government and leadership? Women in the ancient world put in more hours of work than 40 hours, so what? You seem to be a pragmatist who very loosely quotes the Bible.

  24. does that mean women can not teach Sunday school?
    if that is the great commision to go out and PREACH the gospel..teach and preach is 2 different meanings..look up greek for root meaning of both words.. .authority over men well deborah in the hold testament was a judge and excercised authority over men…are we saved in child bearing by keeping the faith ?context and root understanding is so important to the intended meaning and knowing the customes of the times….helps

  25. i do not think a women should pastor a church…that causes disorder
    currently we do a study by beth moore[men and women] and have learned greatly many biblical truths..in my own personal life being under submission to my husband is wonderful very hard at first…but it has brought order to our home…i love to study and teach….and i know he has greater discernment for our house hold…women as pastors over men seems very out of order…men enjoying a course in study by a women has proved fruit bearing …i am sure the women in the new testament had a lot to say to others …like the women at the well who won the men by her testamonie…and with her background they still believed what she said….a women told others of the empty tomb….he choose to reveal the greatest truth of all time to a women he has risen…now that is something to shout about..scripture teaches us and gives us examples…ears to hear.. what the spirit has to say…and i do agree women should never pastor a church…but really the men need to start standing up to the plate…and watching over their flock and familes alittle better so the jackles will not come in over the walls..

  26. why did adam partake of the sin?
    why was he not on watch guarding her from deception?
    was he watching her at the time of her deception?
    why did he stop her?
    many of men still to this day watch their wives fall in to deception and do nothing about it! why did randy allow her to continue on that road ?was he not watching over her soul ?

  27. by one man sin entered the world…
    not one women…that is very clear…
    he should of done what is right….
    now a days men still use women as thier exuce to sin…God gave him domain and he di not use the the power that was intrusted to him….he could have done what is right he chose not to…..

  28. I agree, Adam was emotionally and spiritually lazy. He also was with Eve during the encounter with Satan and did nothing (Gen 3:6). He was charged with the sin although Eve actually sinned first. Christ was the second Adam, not the second Eve (Romans 5:12). This backwards order, the woman leading and the man’s submitting was reversed under God’s command after the fall (Gen 3:16-17). Male headship is God’s design, man’s is to let woman lead and let men be lazy. Adam did not love his wife, he let her be exposed to danger and did nothing to stop it. HE was charged as the head of the home with the sin. Anyway, woman preacherettes and pastorettes exemplify this backwards order and is not acceptable before God.

  29. missionary,
    Do you think taxation for the churches would put a end to this form of thievery?
    These are hirelings and unfortunatley it would harm the faithful or maybe really make them stronger.I am so tired of Bishops opening up a front ministry for tax exempt reasons..while belonging to say the Church of God organization…then they have thier own separate titled ministry to do other .th deals…Some even run schools where the principle and or teachers do not even have a college degree…sorry whole different subject..My friend went to a trucking school from the Whites years ago and come to find out this teacher was not certified and none of the trucking licience was valid and no monies was ever returned to the students…theWhites got out of it by claiming they only rented the space to the gentleman there for not responsible..yet it was endorsed by them and i believe on their campass….

  30. Although I have been a Florida resident for over 20 years and to a great extent my support base begins in Florida, I have never heard of the Whites or this church until the news about their divorce hit the internet last week. I minister in a former Eastern Block country but get back and forth to the US every couple of years. I would say this, your question of taxation of churches would not really help the matter. Wall Street sharks also know how to have an effective tax rate of zero through “reinvestments” and loopholes in the tax code. The dishonest will always find ways around the laws that most people obey. I think the problem with the Whites, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Rev. Ike, Jim Bakker and the rest of the prosperity preachers is that they have BAD THEOLOGY and don’t study their Bibles honestly. They ignore scriptures which blatanty disagree with what they teach. They may initially be sincere in their trying to serve God but once the $$$$$ start rolling in, raw greed takes over and their fleshly desires override their common sense and true promptings of the Holy Spirit. The road to their destruction then sets in swiftly. It is just strange to me that people still buy this garbage. I remember in the 1980s when it was revealed that Jim Bakker’s dog had air conditioning in his doghouse that it was scandulous. People forget and then these “preachers” just fleece the next generation. Did you ever watch the ol’ PTL Club? About 80% of the program was nothing but talking about money and “blessing.” I bet you can find a few reruns on YouTube. The TBN network is lame in comparison. We have TBN here in Europe via satelite but I blocked those channels from my kids. Bad doctrine, teaching and practice from pseudo-preachers and preacherettes is no better for you than pornography.

  31. Read your Bible…..This has happened before and its about ego…when mankind gets put on a pedistool they just crumble…..we are not meant to be Jesus but only point the way to Him…#1 we can point the way by failure thru repentance or #2 thru obediance and humility…either way Jesus will be found because he will not make hard terms for those who seek Him…….many will be brought low from the mess with the Whites….and thats how great our God is….He stoops down low and makes us great……He meets us in our turmoil and consiquence…where every human has dammed us too.. and turns on us and steps asside because they new it all along we were gonna fall….Jesus is not Human he sits with the lowly and downcast and would never deny a hurting soul…

  32. Give these people a break. Any ministry that reaches thousands of people has a business side to it. TV, plane flights and guest speaking are all modern ways to reach a modern world. This website is one such vehicle.

    People make mistakes. They say and do things that they later regret. Let the Whites seek God and find their balance.

    If we, as christians, want to reach the world there will be some fallout.

  33. Attention: Yomi Adegboye !

    Jesus was NOT POOR … based on the following FACTS …

    1. Matt 2:11: The Mesopotamians brought Him GOLD “from their treasures”. Notice, it wasn’t from their “sloppy-seconds”. We know that He was well-taken care of by the Father, from the time He was BORN !!

    2. Matt 4:13: Later, Jesus moved to CAPERNAUM … which was well known for LAKE-FRONT property!

    3. Before entering full-time ministry, Jesus was GAINFULLY EMPLOYED as a Carpenter. And because He was the Son of God, no doubt He was A GREAT CARPENTER …(unless you’d like to say He was a slacker?)… and no doubt the PERFECT STEWARD of His money. And because He knew He was the Christ since the age of 12, no doubt He prepared early on for His ministry.

    4. Matt 17:27: We also know that He had access to money whenever He needed it. Remember the gold coin in the fish’s mouth?

    5. John 19:23: The only time He was poor, was at DEATH. In fact, Jesus was no slob in His manner of dress. He was clothed in such fine aray that the Roman soldiers GAMBLED for his cloak, and even after the game, they cut it into 4 parts. Why? Because it was SEEMLESS! Archeology today tells us that seemless garmets where difficult to make, thus costly.

    “When the soldiers crucified Jesus, they took his clothes, dividing them into four shares…This garment was seamless, woven in one piece from top to bottom.”

    In case you’re wondering, I’m reading from the Original Greek, which is forensically correct and final.

    I do not agree that Christians are supposed to be poor to be “holy”. That’s a CROCK, and we need to be careful with this type of thinking because it comes out of the CATHOLIC CHURCH.

    The truth is, money is good. Money pays the rent. Money puts our kids through school. God said He take PLEASURE IN OUR PROSPERITY.
    In fact, Eccles 10:19 says “money is the answer to everything.” Further, God made Abraham a very wealthy man With livestock and GOLD, according to Gen 24:35!

    And all this under the old blood covenant cut with stinky animals! How much more are we entitled under the New Blood Covenant? So, just because some people get stupid with money, does NOT make wealth evil. The LUST of it does.

    Be also advised that there is nothing more disturbing than a constantly broke and ailing Christian. What kind of advertisement is that of our God, in front of the known world ???

    Paul said in 2 Cor 9:8 that we are SUPPOSED to be wealthy, having enough for ourselves and SOME LEFTOVER for MINISTRY. Spreading the Gospel costs money !!! Electricty, postage, air-time!

    However, I will agree with opponents of “prosperity” that mistakes are being made. For instance, why do Televangelists ask for money FOR AIR TIME, which all of us will gladly send, but later we hear that they purchased a $5 Million ocean-front palace? (TBN), or 10 cars and plastic surgery, etc. That’s not what they claimed the money would be used for.

    Listen to what Paul said … this one cracks me up!

    2 Cor 8:13-14: “For I do not mean that others should be eased and you burdened; 14 but by an equality, that now at this time your abundance may supply their lack, that their abundance also may supply your lack—that there may be EQUALITY.”

    Very clearly this says wealthy preachers are supposed to SHARE their money with the rest of us. HA! But I seriously doubt they’ll ever do that. sk.

    Phil: Yomi, you want to address this kind lady, or should I?

  34. Yomi; Sorry to jump in the way but I can’t led Selma’s comment slide by unaddressed.

    Selma’s 1st 5 points that I will address are as follows,

    Attention: Yomi Adegboye
    Jesus was NOT POOR … based on the following FACTS …
    1. Matt 2:11: The Mesopotamians brought Him GOLD “from their treasures”. Notice, it wasn’t from their “sloppy-seconds”. We know that He was well-taken care of by the Father, from the time He was BORN !!

    Phil: It’s customary to offer new born children gifts Selma. The Word doesn’t tell use how much “gold” he received. I think you’re trying to make the words say more then what they actually mean.

    2. Matt 4:13: Later, Jesus moved to CAPERNAUM … which was well known for LAKE-FRONT property!

    Phil: Yes, that’s right! I’ll bet the real estate agents made a killing off of all that lake front property. This sounds like John Avanzini talking. Is this you John?

    3. Before entering full-time ministry, Jesus was GAINFULLY EMPLOYED as a Carpenter. And because He was the Son of God, no doubt He was A GREAT CARPENTER …(unless you’d like to say He was a slacker?)… and no doubt the PERFECT STEWARD of His money. And because He knew He was the Christ since the age of 12, no doubt He prepared early on for His ministry.

    Phil: I can’t disagree with that except to ask the question; Why would the Son of God need to financially prepare for His ministry and where on earth did you find this in the Scriptures?

    4. Matt 17:27: We also know that He had access to money whenever He needed it. Remember the gold coin in the fish’s mouth?

    Phil: This would be called a miracle Selma. Why would a rich man need a coin from a fish? Currently a Drachma is worth .03 cents compared to the euro and a bit more compared to the dollar. 10 cents is big money, huh? He was teaching Peter to trust God for everything and He will provide all our needs.

    5. John 19:23: The only time He was poor, was at DEATH. In fact, Jesus was no slob in His manner of dress. He was clothed in such fine aray that the Roman soldiers GAMBLED for his cloak, and even after the game, they cut it into 4 parts. Why? Because it was SEEMLESS! Archeology today tells us that seemless garmets where difficult to make, thus costly.

    Phil: Where did He get this cloak? John 19:2 and Luke 23:6-11 for answers to this question Selma. The soldiers gave this “cloak” to Jesus to mock Him for the same reason they gave Him a crown made of thorns. The reason is found in John 18:28-38, Luke 23:1-5, Mark 15:1-5 and Matthew 27:1-14.

    “When the soldiers crucified Jesus, they took his clothes, dividing them into four shares…This garment was seamless, woven in one piece from top to bottom.”

    In case you’re wondering, I’m reading from the Original Greek, which is forensically correct and final.

    Phil: Can you please translate the following verse for me because I’m having trouble understanding it’s true meaning?
    ουτως γαρ ηγαπησεν ο θεος το κοσμον ωστε τον υιον τον μονογενη εδωκεν ινα πας ο πιστευων εις αυτον μη αποληται αλλ εχ ζωην αιωνιον

    Selma, even if you correctly translate the above Greek verse, I challenge you to tighten up your hermeneutics a bit. Your view of Jesus doesn’t line up with Scripture in either Khoine Greek or any other language for that matter.

    For more about this subject please see my very first posting;


  35. Phil,

    I just saw selma’s response; sorry. But its a good thing too that I didn’t see it earlier and you addressed her faulty assumptions and deductions, because they would be laughable if they were not actually dishonouring to God’s word. And from someone claiming to understand the original Greek?

    Jesus was rich? I’m an astronaut.

    To Selma, please go study your Old and New Testaments properly, and you’ll see that the New neither promises nor offers any temporal benefits to anyone. If a believer is rich, praise God! If he is poor, the Lord be praised just as well. It makes no difference: God simply takes care of His own, rich or poor. Material poverty does not dishonour the Lord in any way.

    [I’m posting this on a Nokia E61i, so I can’t be as detailed as I’d love to be. Still, Phil’s response has enough to get you started in the right direction]


    Phil: Yomi, I couldn’t just sit back and allow blatent heresy to go unchallenged even though I knew once you saw this you would definately have something to say.

    Anyone out there want to interpret the Greek passage I left for Selma?

  36. THank you pastors and so called christians who voted for the deciever read aboutr you’re messiah
    Ministries fear restrictions under Obama administration
    Associated Press – 12/20/2008 5:10:00 AM
    Christian ministries are bracing for what they fear will be restrictions on religious liberty once Barack Obama is sworn in as president.

    Kelly Shackelford, president of the Liberty Legal Institute, says Congress could move quickly to outlaw discrimination in hiring based on sexual orientation, even if a school or ministry teaches that homosexuality is sinful.

    He says ministries also fear that a federal hate crimes law could be used against preachers, and that re-imposition of the “Fairness Doctrine” could require Christian broadcasters to air anti-Christian views.

    “The impact [the Fairness Doctrine] would have on religious radio is huge,” Shackelford contends. “To tell a religious radio station that they have to present the opposite view of theirs on their radio station would create an incredible conflict with religious liberty.”

    Shackelford says Christian groups are weighing how to respond if their fears are borne out. The Human Rights Campaign, a pro-homosexual group, did not respond to a request for comment.

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