Scott Paschal: Suffering Silently?

Scott Paschal makes the following statement on his website: “Unlike Bob Kraft I do not understand all the destructive fighting and slander tactics he is all too familiar with.  I am just like most of you, fairly new to the game and trying to do a good job.  The Kraft sect has blasted me and knocked me around for a long time while I silently suffered his wrath. This entry will determine just how silent Mr. Paschal has been in regards to his “enemies”.


In 2003, I authored ICTA: FACT or FICTION. This article told of my experiences with Scott Paschal and the International Christian Tennis Association. Soon after, the message board (now shutdown) became flooded with anonymous messages posted in favor of the ICTA or attacking anyone who was critical of the ICTA. Nearly all were linked to the computer IP address of Scott Paschal. This message board contains the following from the IP address of none other then Scott Paschal. 

1). Scott Paschal posted a job opening at my tennis club in Corfu Greece. He claimed I was “bolting Greece” because of his “investigation into my deviant behavior”. He listed qualifications and where to send resumes. We received hundreds of inquiries following this posting. What type of man would do something so foolish?    

2). Scott Paschal accused Jeff Davies and me with having a “Satanic Agenda” in regards to our criticism of him and his organization. This is a standard defense in Paschal land. 

3). Scott Paschal accused me of committing several crimes on that message board. This is also normal behavior in Paschal’s world of make believe. 

4). Scott Paschal accused Reverend Bob Kraft of marrying a young former student of his, taking money from Mormons, and leaving his ministry after 9/11. Bob supported me and agrees with me that Paschal is a liar and a fraud. 

5). Scott Paschal attacked the tennis director, several employees and the owner of a tennis club in Palm Coast Florida after being fired after less then 90 days for incompetence and dishonesty. The police served Paschal with a no-tresspass order. If Paschal entered their property he would be arrested. 

6). Scott Paschal attacked Arseni Markoff repeatedly on that board. Markoff heavily criticized Paschal and his organization. 

This is “suffering” silently? I suggest that Paschal is an expert in slander and destructive tactics.  

The one thing that Paschal never got around to? He never attempted to validate any of his claims, many that were easily proven to be false. 

Scott Paschal has been anything but silent. He’s used his website to attack critics and former students. He has used his numerous blogs to attack anyone who disagrees with him or criticizes his methods or his organization. 

Oh, there’s more. Please see here for one of the strangest articles I have ever seen an “ordained minister” publish. Here is an excerpt from this article. 

In this expose I will scrutinize statements made by the pathetic human creature, Scott Paschal, the founder of the bizarre international Christian tennis association.

This human scum preposterously claims he is qualified to be a minister for God.

My name is Filbobjefjim, a demon and a follower of Lucifer, the “shining one,” as this name proclaims.

I have been around since I was spoken into existence by God, whom I now know is phony. My purpose is to be a foot soldier of demonic activity on earth for Master Lord Satan.

My comprehension of every word in the Bible is much vaster than the majority of Christian humans, and I have billions of associates just as myself.

Quite honestly, well over 100 demons like me are purposefully positioned in the life of every single Christian human by our ruler, Master Lord Satan, to attempt to destroy their disgusting witness for the proven liar, Jesus Christ.

I will now show you an article I fortunately intercepted, which was written by the hypocrite, Scott Paschal, who has fanatically committed himself to telling the world about the lies of Jesus Christ.

Here is this manipulative Christian’s article. After you read his perverted lies, I, Filbobjefjim, though a lowly Level 3 demon, yet now hoping my interception of this letter will help raise me to a Level 2, will be back later to show you the truth as has been shown to me by my Master.

The intercepted message from this Christian human scum begins now…”  

This article is nothing more then an attack against Paschal’s critics: 

Fil= Phil NaessensBob= Reverend Bob KraftJeff= Jeff DaviesJim= Jim Hughes 

Yep, Scott Paschal has been “suffering silently” while anyone who has the courage to stand up to him suffers his wrath. 

Making libelous statements throughout the Internet appears to be what Scott Paschal seems to enjoy. Attempting to destroy the reputations of anyone who is critical of Paschal or the ICTA is a mainstay in the ICTA arsenal. Paschal calls it “Spiritual Warfare”. The courts call it libel and defamation of character.  

What I’ve written here is just a small sample of Paschal’s “silence”. For more of Paschal’s “silence” please see here. 

Paschal’s “silence” is deafening.


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  1. Arseni,

    You mean I’m not the “voodooman”? Scott claimed that I was you. He accused me of being “sonic boomer”. Wrong again!

    I wonder when Paschal will ever get tired of being wrong?

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