Scott Paschal and the International Christian Tennis Association


Scott Paschal is the founder and president of the International Christian Tennis Association, based in
Palm Coast, Florida. He claims ownership of a Christian tennis academy and missionary training center. He claims to be an ordained minister, pastor, preacher, missionary and evangelist.
Here is a list of 46 claims made by Paschal or his staff, Rachel and Melody Snelen, during the last five years. Many of these claims have been proven untrue and these untrue claims are in bold.

1. Scott Paschal coaches 60, 40 or 20 ATP/WTA players (depending upon the year he stated it).

2. Scott Paschal is an ordained minister, Pastor, missionary and evangelist. 

3. Maria Sharapova is a member of ICTA and trains with them.

4. Maria Sharapova has been beaten by an ICTA player who trains at the academy.

5. ICTA/Scott Paschal is the coach of a top 50 WTA player.

6. ICTA started in the 1980’s.

7. ICTA has 350,000 members.

8. ICTA has its main academy in Central Florida with 20/30 courts.

9. ICTA has a governing Board of Directors.

10. ICTA has a large staff.

11. ICTA has numerous coaches, including ATP/WTA coaches.

12. ICTA has academies in various countries. worldwide

13. ICTA has provided a pro in Arizona to develop junior tennis.

14. ICTA has members at the highest level of the USTA, WTA, ATP, ITF.

15. ICTA has negotiated with top officials of the Greek Tennis Federation to establish an ICTA academy

16. Several top coaches, ATP and WTA players visited the Greek Tennis Federation to promote the ICTA

17. Two members of ICTA own the top two tennis management companies in the world

18. Scott Paschal coaches a high WTA ranked Russian doubles team

19. Scott Paschal has 2 special friends that are current ATP players and among the greatest players ever to have played tennis

20. ICTA receives requests for grants exceeding $100,000 per month

21. ICTA has a new CEO effective January 16, 2003

22. Scott Paschal part-owns tennis academies, sporting goods businesses and a new car dealership

23. Scott Paschal owns several sports ministries

24. Scott Paschal is currently negotiating to buy land and the construction of 41 courts and cabins to be operated as a secular tennis academy.

25. A student who trained with ICTA was the US number one boy junior.

26. Scott Paschal coaches more ATP/WTA pro players then anyone in the world.

27. Scott Paschal works with the USTA High Performance

28. Scott Paschal works with the WTA.

29. ICTA has conducted at least 16 sports camps.

30. Scott Paschal has a track and field ministry with a high profile track and field star.

31. Scott Paschal was the General Manager of the Palm Coast, Florida tennis and earned $120,000 yearly.

32. Scott Paschal coaches with and plays with Tom Gullickson.

33. Gene Scott, the editor of Tennis Week was a member of ICTA and Scott Paschal was his good friend.

34. ICTA has a base in Honolulu, Hawaii that includes camps.

35. Scott Paschal has gone to China to deliver Bibles.

36. Scott Paschal coached Rachel and Melody Snelen from beginners to WTA ranked in three years.

37. ICTA is one of the top 100 sports ministries in the world according to International Sports coalition.

38. Scott Paschal has taken ICTA members on group tours to French, US and Australian Opens since 2003.

39. ICTA is training and certifying USPTA/PTR coaches.

40. ICTA is in partnership with WTA Tour Championships.

41. ICTA runs $10k pro tournaments.

42. ICTA has a weekly show

43. Scotty Paschal has secured interviews with top players and tennis industry representatives for the weekly show.

44. ICTA has a $5000 2004 Jr Player of the Year Awards.

45. Scott Paschal was a consultant for a club in New York.

46. Scott Paschal has tennis friends and mentors among the top coaches in the WTA/ATP who have academies and coach top 100 WTA/ATP players.47. ICTA has one of the strongest groups of players in the world 

36 out of 47 claims made by Paschal have been proven untrue. The rest of them (and there are dozens more) Paschal refuses to validate. This is a born again spirit filled Christian minister? This is a man of integrity? Why is this man allowed to behave in this manner? Where is the board of directors? Would a legitimate ministry conduct itself in such a manner? The ICTA houses its students in Paschal’s private residence and these students play tennis on public courts in Palm Coast Florida. Paschal is unmarried as are his current students, who range from 12-24 years of age. Paschal is their only supervision. He is their coach and spiritual leader. He is in control of every aspect of his student’s lives 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  I know for a fact that two of his former students became a couple while attending this supervised Christian tennis academy and missionary training center. This happened right under Paschal’s nose. This is quality Christian supervision? In fact, Paschal railed on and on about it on one of his many blogs, which he later removed probably due to libelous statements directed at others.  

Who is he accountable to on a daily basis? Please don’t tell me the parents of his students because in most cases the parents live quite a distance from Florida, including overseas. We’ve already seen how he conducts his ministry, which he claims is “Christian”. He tells outrageous lies and his alleged board of directors seems to approve of this behavior. I can only imagine what he tells the parents of his students when they ask how their child is doing. I’ve heard plenty of first hand accounts that I could relate about Paschal’s academy, but that isn’t what this website is all about. I could care less about a guy like Paschal  but I can’t ignore the potential dangers Paschal poses spiritually, mentally and possibly physically to innocent children with a desire to reach others for Christ.  There’s plenty more to this story. In the next day or two, I’ll be examining some of Paschal’s self published writings and his views on Christianity, Spiritual Warfare and his many attacks against others. 

8 thoughts on “Scott Paschal and the International Christian Tennis Association

  1. Thank you for writing about this group. All these lies are despicable. I almost made the mistake of sending my child to this group this summer.

    God Bless,

    Happy in Lakeland

  2. Unfortunatly I bought into the lies and allowed my child to go to the Icta. It was horrible. Has taken months to deprogram my child from the cult-like control Scotty had over my child. I so wanted it to be a great christian enviroment where my child could use her God given talents to witness and reach people for Christ.

  3. I’m sorry that you and your child had to go through that with Scott.

    Scott is very convincing but the bottom line is he’s a liar. This has been proven on so many different levels. What you see here is just a sample of what I could write.

    I wish you continued success with your childs de-programming.

    God Bless,


  4. Scott has married one of the twin sisters who moved into his “tennis academy” (small 1 Bedroom Texas apartment). The girls were 16 at the time and now they would be 25, 26 years old. He always stated he was “like a father to them” whenever eyebrows would raise or concerns would be voiced about their living arrangement. Guess we know better now huh?

  5. Hi, thanks for that post on Scott’s marriage. I do not have a problem with that. However it is important for people who are sending their children to him for tennis to know the background. I was contacted about 3 months ago by the parents of one of his top students. They were missionaries in Costa Rica and Scott had their son. They wanted to pull him out and felt a lot of pressure from Scott to not be around. It was difficult for them and I believe that got him out. Now as to Scott’s marriage. They are both adults. But Scott did have his wife as a 16 year old tennis student. Scott was married during this time and did get divorced. From what I heard ran away with her from her parents and she has been with him ever since. Now that is a warning. But I spoke to one former student of his, Marek who shared with me that Scott and one of these twins (I forgot which one)would go into Scott’s office that he used at his house where he and the students lived and he would hear the door being locked and they would be in there for sometime. This occured at least 4+ years ago, so this girl who was a student at that time, a so called co worker in the ministry, would have been in that house not in a martial relationship. That is the latest that I know.

    I always disliked when I saw Scott write that various students of his who were teenagers where calling him ‘Daddy’. He wrote about this on his own posts and website. Sad.

  6. Who is he accountable to on a daily basis? — There is NO line of accountability and as a parent of one his former students, he refuses to be accountable to parents. When we asked repeatedly how our son was doing and what he was doing . . . Paschal refused to answer.

    his alleged board of directors — there is NO board of directors.

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