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Nearly five years ago, I discovered the International Christian Tennis Association while searching for a tennis academy for a 12 year old boy that I used to coach here in Corfu Greece. ICTA President and Founder, Mr. Scott Paschal, made many claims regarding himself and his ministry which I discovered were total fabrications. In fact, he’s still portraying his organization as Christian, which it is not. 

Scott Paschal has gone on a four year internet rant against me and others because we exposed his lies to the general public. His accusations against me are complete fabrications and show his true manipulative self. Still, he claims to be a Christian. 

Do Christians lie? Scott Paschal does. He lies all the time to anyone and everyone. Do Christians libel others? Scott Paschal does. Take a public stand against this man and his bogus organization and you will be slandered, defamed and attacked through his Christian website or one of his many blogs.  His accusations against me don’t really bother me. They used to, but not anymore. Desperate people do desperate things and Scott Paschal is desperate to keep his bogus organization afloat. It’s far more important to expose this man and this organization for what they are then to worry about baseless accusations and some personal discomfort due to slanderous statements made by a lunatic. 

I should really be thankful for all of this. My tennis club is booming and my apologetics ministry is up and running. In fact, if it wasn’t for discovering Paschal, I may not have ever entered into the Christian Apologetics Ministry, a ministry which I know God has called me to do. God used this unfortunate situation to prepare me for the things that I now face because of my ministry. I’ve grown closer to Him through each and every attack Paschal has made and I’ve become far more discerning. I now study the Word every available second and I’m humbled and grateful to God for calling me into this ministry.  

I had hoped that Paschal and his bogus organization would not have been included on this website, but due to continued attacks and libelous statements he has directed towards me, I now feel that I must continue to expose this man and this organization. I will continue to do this until this very sad situation ends. Below is a PDF file that details the lies that Paschal told me via email from November 30th, 2002 and January 15th, 2003. This is done only to refute the allegations that Paschal has made about me. 

God Bless, Phil Naessens

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  1. Scott has married one of the twin sisters who moved into his “tennis academy” (small 1 Bedroom Texas apartment). The girls were 16 at the time and now they would be 25, 26 years old. He always stated he was “like a father to them” whenever eyebrows would raise or concerns would be voiced about their living arrangement. Guess we know better now huh?

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