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Paula White is the Senior Pastor of Without Walls International Church in Tampa Florida. Her television show “Paula White Today” is seen worldwide on several different Christian Networks. She is in much demand as an evangelist and is one of TBN’s leading beggars during their bi-annual Blasphemers Balls (praise-a-thons). She also can be seen on the “Tyra Banks Show” where she performs the duties of a life coach. Today, we will begin an extensive look into the ministry of Paula White.

Paula White has no business being a Pastor. 1Timothy 3:1-10 clearly states that a man must be the Pastor. How many women are husbands? None. Yet this “messed up Mississippi girl” is the senior pastor of one of the top ten churches in America. Titus 1:5-9 is confirmation that this woman has no business being a Pastor. The Pastor is God’s administrator and is supposed to be a man. The last time I checked, Paula White is a woman. An attractive woman. How can she be in authority over men when it isn’t biblical? Ask her husband, Bishop Randy White. He’s the one who appointed her.

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Paula White claims that the Apostle Paul was so boring that a man fell asleep while Paul was preaching and fell to his death (Acts 20:7-12).She further stated that Paul preached for 24 hours and that “Anybody who can’t say it in 30 minutes can’t preach well”. Let’s examine the passage in Acts to determine what actually happened that day.

Act 20:7 And upon the first day of the week, when we were gathered together to break bread, Paul discoursed with them, intending to depart on the morrow; and prolonged his speech until midnight.

Nowhere in this verse does it say that Paul preached for 24 hours. It was a long sermon, a farewell sermon as he was about to leave for Assos. Paul wanted these people to hear him preach the Word of God.

Act 20:8 And there were many lights in the upper chamber where we were gathered together. 

This message was preached at night, most likely between the hours of 9pm and 12 midnight. Three hours or so is hardly 24 hours as Paula proclaims.

Act 20:9  And there sat in the window a certain young man named Eutychus, borne down with deep sleep; and as Paul discoursed yet longer, being borne down by his sleep he fell down from the third story, and was taken up dead.   

This boy was probably brought there by his parents to hear Paul speak. He had eaten and it was probably past this young mans bedtime. It appears he tried to fight this and was overcome, fell asleep and fell to his death. Nowhere does it say the boy was so bored that Paul’s preaching put him to sleep. That’s what Paula wants her followers to believe.

Act 20:10  And Paul went down, and fell on him, and embracing him said, Make ye no ado; for his life is in him. 

Paul brought this young boy back to life. Did he do it for the money? No. He raised this boy from the dead to validate the message of Christ and to give God the glory. Ever raised anyone from the dead Paula? Oops, I shouldn’t be giving this viper any ideas.

Paula had this to say about a vision she allegedly received from God about herself:

“In my residence one night, I’m sitting there and God takes me in a vision, literally in a trance. I’m so young in the Lord I don’t even know it’s a trance. [Benny Hinn: You’re still 18?]. 18 years old and God shows me that everywhere my voice is heard there is a manifestation of the Spirit. As far as my eye can see multitudes of millions of people are falling under the power of God. They’re either getting saved, or healed, or delivered. Where my voice is not heard they are falling off into utter darkness and I’m literally in a trance. I can see myself. God’s giving me this vision and said, ‘Paula, I’m calling you to preach the gospel.'” (Paula White, “This Is Your Day,” Benny Hinn Show,” July 22, 2004)

God called her to “preach” the Gospel? That’s interesting considering the fact that we know from God’s Word that women aren’t meant to be speaking in the church (1Corinthians 14:33-34). This vision is contradictory to God’s Word and should be considered as coming from Satan, the author of all lies and deceit (John 8:44).

Paula White states that Paul was “boring”. She believes that Paul couldn’t preach very well. Her arrogance astounds me. For Paula White to even compare her sham ministry to that of the great Apostle Paul’s is blasphemy. This “messed up Mississippi girl” needs to repent of this silliness immediately because she is leading her followers straight into the bottom of hell.

Anyone allowing this woman to speak in their church is going against God’s Word and should be shunned and publicly condemned.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The schemes, scams, biblical illiteracy and greed will appear on this blog. This charismatic cutie must be exposed


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  1. Men are always trying to put women in their places…It’s a scary thing to see a woman of God preaching the gospel of prosperity, wealth, abundance, the love of God, and what we are on this earth for. Why are people so afraid of hearing sermons on wealth? People are afraid of seeing pastors, bishops etc.. who are successful & have big churches. You call them blasphemers? It’s as if when God talks about prosperity, it’s becomes null and void when it comes to pastors. Sorry, your blog is a mystery to me and I don’t see any good in bashing the one station that has provided ministry to me during the times I am not able to go to chruch. I wish you can actually see & understand what you are writing.

  2. Shawna,

    Paula White has no business preaching in churches. The Apostle Paul was very clear about this-which is probably the reason she claims Paul was boring.

    Paula distorts the Word of God so that makes her a blasphemer. Sorry she’s convinced you that she’s speaking God’s Word.

    I hope and pray that her jesus isn’t the Jesus of the Bible because her jesus will send you to hell.


  3. Please – the fact that people object to Paula White’s preaching doesn’t mean we are afraid of her any more than apprehending and convicting a con artist means we are afraid of him. The objections are because of what Scripture says, not some fear. The only fear is that she will lead a multitude astray.

  4. I am a black woman and I too object to Paula White’s teaching. She cater her messages toward black women in perticular. I cannot stand to even watch or listen to that crap. I heard her once on TBN say that women should give up their hair weave money and save it for a confernce that she was giving. That was a complete turn off. How bibical is that?

  5. Since when do we take the word of a secular reporter, who is also a Buddhist in judgment of any ministry? We as the Body of Christ, lack discernment or we are just naive or plain stupid. No ministry could withstand the scrutiny of a secular reporter that is more concerned with the story than the truth. In fact, no one can withstand that kind of attack.
    I am not here to defend or accuse the Whites. I do not have enough of the facts. If all you know is what is written in the paper, you don’t either. I think these kinds of articles show what the modern church is made of. Can you imagine a reporter that reported on Elijah taking the cake from the widow and her son…it would have been a scandal. The woman mentioned in the stories STILL GOES TO THEIR CHURCH!. It seems odd since the reporter implies that the Whites took her for over a hundred thousand dollars.
    We cannot do anything about the Whites and the perceived lifestyle they live. We can do something about the way we judge others. The body of Christ needs to know that the “accuser of the brethren” is working in the press today. Wake up.

  6. Paula is not….I REPEAT……not a cutie. She is a charlatan. She is an embarrassment to anyone who wants to look beautiful and nothing more than a tool used by Satan to decieve and lead people away from the path that points to the cross. She is worldly and her beliefs clash with the Bible outright. I hate to say this but anyone who holds to her opinions are definitely far from Christ. I am not suprised when she holds herself higher than the authentic ministry of Paul.

  7. You said:

    This boy was probably brought there by his parents to hear Paul speak. He had eaten and it was probably past this young mans bedtime. It appears he tried to fight this and was overcome, fell asleep and fell to his death. Nowhere does it say the boy was so bored that Paul’s preaching put him to sleep. That’s what Paula wants her followers to believe.
    I say:
    It is amazing that you feel totaly comfortable with taking creative libertioes and filling your response with porbabilities but Paula cannot. You are such a hypocrit when you do that…I am sure you have strong convictions but you will fight even when there isn’t fact to provce yoru point. It ruins what merit you do have when you attack things that are irrelevent to the issue of whether God uses women or not. I figure if Mary carried the word nine months in its physical form, maybe woman can carry it in its written form…Paul simply was right about everything and he often says that he shares his opinion on certian matters, cultural dictates on others…. men wearing long hair and such….. not wearing costly array etc…..

    Please sir whatever your stance, at least be fair. the use of these probabilities listed above makes you look like a hatefilled predator of highly visible people like Paula.

    all the best


  8. i have been helped buy some of her sermons..enriched when she teaches the her and her husband are really different they seem to love the things of theworld more then God..this is a dangerous time for all christians satan will seduce the best of us if he can…i am not for sure about women preachers if PAUL WAS ONLY ADDRESSING THAT culture at that time..we do
    wow we ar in troulbed times and the Lord says judgement will come to the house of God first

  9. I am clear about the fact that virtually everything Paula stands for is a blot on the Gospel of Christ. We do need to be careful with explaining what is not clearly stated in Scriptures. Paul indeed may have preached for 24 hours (that would still make him an infinitely better preacher than Paula!). That boy may not have been brought to the meeting by his parents, and he may not have had a meal. None of these justify Paula shooting off her mouth at apostle Paul.

    I see a dangerous trend with our new-fangled preachers attempting to discredit New Testament characters – especially the key characters through whom the foundation of the Church was laid. Here in Nigeria, Chris Oyakhilome says that the early Church – including the apostles – did not know how the kingdom functions, and that was responsible for the death of apostle James! Obviously, Chris wants us to believe that he knows how the kingdom functions – a platform for getting his listeners to believe the lying ‘revelations’ he spews.

    Now, Paula wants us to believe that Paul was not a great preacher either. His preaching was so poor it produced much of the saints and churches of the day in Asia.

    Creflo says that Jesus was not God, but was a man who ‘became’ God. John the baptist has been consigned to the list of failures in ministry by many others.

    These pimps in our pulpits have no fear of God! If these their own versions of these precious men were true, why would any sane person believe the Bible?

    Nitwits and self-deceived sheeple have no problems with their pastors or favourite preachers bad-mouthing holy men of old (usually the congregation is cheering or nodding in assent as this blasphemy goes on) through which the Holy Scriptures were given to us, but get jumpy when we take on the evils their ‘men and women of Gawd’ are teaching and practicing.

    What darkness they must live in!

  10. You know the bible says in
    1 Chronicles 16:22 KJV
    “Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.”
    So I would watch what i said if I were you…..

  11. I literally JUST found out about some of this stuff yesterday and I have been sick to my stomach and grieved since the first article I read.
    I have spent thousands of dollars sowing into these various ministries, and though I think their personal problems are just that > PERSONAL…. I was shocked to see that Without Walls took in 40 million last year and are 22 Mil in debt! And though I do believe that God does want us to prosper… it is that we would be able to bless others. NOT ourselves. He said we are to seek the Kingdom first and things would be added TO us.
    I have often wondered why they are allowed to ask me for money, but they tell others to “ask God”
    I had noticed a significant change in the teaching CD’s I have bought from Paula’s recent messages. I noticed more name dropping and just a different feel. Now I know why.
    May we all judge ourselves and not be counted among those that will hear those dreadful words…
    “Depart from me, I never knew you”

    Jesus is Lord.

    Pray for one another…..

  12. Men love to berate women, especially if they are successful. The days of Paul the women were separated from the men in the temple and would call to their husbands across the aisle, hence Paul tells them to be silent. In the ld testament, God used women for His purpose all the time. They were special. Esther, Debra, Judith, Mary Magdalene, and a host of others. You put God in a box. Well He is too big for a box and uses whomsoever he pleases. Your male mpride reeks and so does your arrogance and assumptions. By the way you deride others, it is obvious you do not know God. If you cannot love your sister whom you do see, how can you say you love God whom you do not see. I suggest you ask Jesus Christ into your heart and get saved, and transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light.

  13. I believe like many others do that the Lord calls upon us to spread his word. I don’t believe when he does so that he says “you are perfect go spread my word”. All of us will fall short in times of our lives we may say things and do things that aren’t pleasing to others, that will happen to all of us and as believers we get up, dust off our knees, pray & keep walking. God is our creator, he molded us the way he wanted he knows us more than we know ourselves. When the Lord created Paula White I promise you he knew what he was doing and my guess is when he called upon her He didn’t say “my child you are perfect go spread my word”. Thank You Lord for creating our sister Paula

  14. you all need to be very careful when talking about a woman of God. Do not talk from your carnal selves but from the spirit. She is definitely anointed to preach the gospel. She has been a blessing in my life and she is so gifted in the revelation of the Word which is what i love. In the Bible, we see Dorcas ministering, Mary Magdalene and the lady who sat under the Olive tree and men would come to her. God will use anyone who is willing. Carrying the anointing is not easy. Try it one day and see how long you survive alone. Also she is beautiful both in and out. Touch not the Anointed of God or a curse will come upon you. Know your facts before you criticize. Open up your minds and stop restricting the Mind of God for it’s way above yours.

    Phil: Hi Betty. Welcome to Theology Today!

    “Touch Not mine annointed”? That’s funny! All I need to do is read my bible (which I do) to know Paula White is a woman of the world. I suggest you find your bible, remove the plastic cover and read it.

  15. I cannot imagine a women teaching Gods word could lead anyone astray. I love her preaching and i think people need to understand the key thing her “delivering Gods message or the word”.The only problem people really have with her is that she is a WOMEN preacher, I think that is really said, people need to pray about this more.

  16. i think a lot of people are to lazy to read their bibles, its so evidently clear that most of these charismatic preachers-paula white, benny hinn, k. copeland have been twisting scripture and bringing in their personal doctrines. Paul warns of preachers who preach another gospel, another jesus (yes another jesus not the real Jesus e.g. Jesus went to hell etc-nowhere in the entire bible did he go to hell but was “asleep” or dead as other people) . I think people are going after popular preachers without confirming their message with the bible and its sad because “many in that day will come and say, Lord, Lord, did we not cast out devils in your name, did we not perform many miracles in your name and He will say, i did not know you, depart from me you workers of iniquity” . Read your bibles people and dont be deceived no matter how convincing or popular the preacher is, they will look like sheep outwardly with a form of godliness but ruthless wolves inside- paula included. God bless

    Phil: Hi Fidel….Welcome to Theology Today!
    Reading their bibles is all it would take….but the wolves know people don’t….

  17. Hey, listen up all the haters. He who never sinned let him cast the first stone. quit throwing off on her marriage with Randy thats none of our business. I’m not not approving her actions. but I not judging them. as much as I see people complain about her why don’t you email TBN, Insperational networks, Tyra Banks show, or other religious places. oh speaking of “DIVORCED PASTORS /
    PREACHERS” look at Jim Baker, Tammy Faye, Jimmy Swaggert, SHawn Micheals aka Heartbreak kid, and Karen Wheaton.they’ve got divorces to and Paula White was and is nowhere as popular as Jimmy Swaggert.and it also says in the book of James, leave the critsim to the Good Lord and let him do whatever critiszing should be done. If she was really that bad do you people actually think the Good Lord would put up with it in his church.So instead of Judging her why don’t you pray for her. so why don’t you haters get yalls head out of Paula’s rearend and live your own life.

    Phil: Hello Paul welcome to Theology Today…..

    I don’t hate anyone dude and I don’t think any of my regular readers do either but I can only speak for myself here.

    When a spiritual leader decides to go against God’s Word and divorce it IS our business Paul. We are commanded to judge those from within the Body which Paula White claims to be a part of.

    BTW: Are you without sin Paul because you are certainly casting stones here….

  18. stop criticising and do the work of the Lord as they are doing

    Phil: I think you and I would disagree on what doing the work of the Lord entails…Paula thinks its ok to lie to folks like you in order to get your money….I prefer to tell you the truth so folks like Paula don’t lead you into a ditch….guess I was too late huh gugu?

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