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It was raining this morning here in Corfu so I flipped on the Word Network. Apostle Don Stewart was doing his “anointed green prosperity prayer handkerchief” spiel. It’s biblical you know. At least according to Stewart it is. Here are the verses Stewart uses to “validate” his heretical theology;

Act 19:11 And God did works of power through the hands of Paul, Act 19:12  so that even handkerchiefs or aprons from his skin being brought onto the sick, the diseases were released, and the evil spirits went out of them.  

According to Apostle Stewart, you can receive a healing much like the Ephesians did when Paul gave them handkerchiefs and his work aprons. Simply call the toll-free number or write and Stewart will send you one of his green monogrammed hankies right away. Then place the hankie in the location of your infirmity, send it to the good Apostle, and he will “agree” with you for your healing.

Apostle Don says that this is the only miracle that the Bible says is a “special miracle” and, according to him, the green prayer hankie is the only way to receive this special miracle. Stewart believes he’s the “anointed vessel” God uses to distribute these special anointedhankies. He and his staff will use the hanky you return as a “point of contact” to agree with you in prayer for you to be healed or made wealthy or whatever your special needs are. Don’t worry if you live in the jungle because this hanky works “wherever you are”. 

Apostle Don is a staunch believer in the prayer of agreement doctrine adhered to by the Word of Faith movement. He uses Matthew 18:19 as his Scripture reference. Read Matthew 18:15-20. It’s discussing what the apostles must do in regards to dealing with the sin of a fellow believer in the church. This section of Scripture has nothing to do with prayer and is false teaching to say that it does.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that green hanky will bring you all that you desire, including a barrage of mail with an all new “anointing” at least twice per month directly from the Apostles headquarters now that they have your mailing address.

Apostle Stewart then went on to give a “word of knowledge”. You know, where he calls out through the TV screen people with diabetes, or cancer promising them healing if they’d only call the number on the screen and ask for their own special green “anointed” hanky.

As if all that blasphemy wasn’t enough, Stewart then attempted to raise money through the “principle of the vow of tithes”. 300, 500 or even 1000 dollars is required for this law to take effect. Reversing all curses and big money are promised to anyone who follows this vow and he even paraded out some sheeple who allegedly received big money for following Stewarts “vow of tithing”. After all, according to Apostle Stewart, it’s really “God’s law”.

I challenge Apostle Stewart or anyone else to show me anywhere in the New Testament where tithing is mentioned as a requirement. Read 2 Corinthians 8-9 before you comment so you know just where I’m coming from on this issue.

Apostle Don Stewart is a Word of Faith wolf in sheep’s clothing. He taught false teachings like tithing, agreement in prayer, point of contact, word of knowledge and miracle healing in just a 28 minute clip. He definitely knows how to make valuable use of hi time! This “Apostle” is an excellent example of the big time blasphemy within the Body of Christ today. 

Now I need a hankie to wipe away my tears just thinking about all the people heretic and false teacher Apostle Don Stewart has deceived throughout the years.  



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  1. Pastor Don Stewart
    you are going to be at the goog sheoweard church, at 12 oclock noom . You call and to be at the the good shepweard church. All i know is to get off at i95 iI do not know the rest of the way. please call me back phone number is 1-772-834-7000 I do not have your phone number , I been trying to reach you to go to the church because you said on the tape you are going to take me by the hand and tell me what God is saying through you about me.
    Please call me again, so I can get the address to the good Shepweard church at 12 noon

    God Bless you Pastor Don STewart

    Edith pedro

  2. Anyone who has even opened their Bible can see that Don Stewart’s teaching is pure evil idolatry.

  3. i watched don’s televised prayer. i called the 800 # i told myself it wont hurt me. let’s see i told myself. after a week he sent me the hand shape cloth and he was asking me to donate a specified amount. i prayed according to the instruction but did not send any amount. this morning he sent me a rainbow cloth and according to him my financial curse will break provided i will follow the instruction and tomorrow morning i need to mail back the cloth along with my donation(too bad no post office is opened tomorrow it is sunday). i am confused. why will he ask for donation to pray for me and according to him i will wait for 3 days?and will happen in my city where i live. this sounds like the sweepstake to me. anyways i search his name on the net and i found out on one of the net article this guy is a bogus a fraud. oh boy i am glad i search on him, otherwise, i could have been a victim of this man. i know God will bless regardless. God’s love is unconditional. there is no condition of giving a donation for a prayer.
    God said to love his children, and I think i love God’s children because i have a mission in my country where i helped poor people even just one meal. let us not waste our money to some false prophet. let us offer our tithe directly to the poor and God will bless us 10 thousand folds. God help the false prophets and forgive them my Lord.


    Moses was willing to risk his life being taken by Pharaoh (sacrifice) because he understood his mandate. Moses wanted to relieve God’s people because of their oppression earlier in his life when he killed the Egyptian for his cruel treatment of t…

  5. I’ve had my experience with Don Stewart. What a crock. If there ever was( is) a false prophet he certainly is. It’s gotten so good to him, he has NO Godly fear, I mean absolutely NONE. May God have mercy on him.

  6. I’ve now also done a web page on Don and I hope some good can come of this, I think it is sad, but the Bible warns this will happen in these last days, hence the earthquakes, floods and hurricanes and tornadoes, not global warming caused by us, Jesus said in Luke 21 and Matthew 24 the signs are in the Sun and Moon, and they have great affect on what, the seas, waves, and now read Luke 21 Verses 25 and 26, arrrr now you are getting it, amen.

    Anyway, help me spread the word:http://www.4hurtingchristians.com/don_stewart_and_the_green_miracle_handkerchiefs.html

    And thank you for this opportunity though not one I relish and think it sad and tragic, and I pray that God wakes up these people like Don Stewart, amen.

  7. This Don guy is one sick person who needs to be investigated by the US goverment. I have heard his taped phone messages, I have seen the fear he has put in good, hard working family people. I would like to go to his home and see how he lives. How many cars, bathrooms, escorts, accountants working for him to keep other peoples money his, lawyers that keep him out of prison where he should be and all of his other helpers with him. He is making people ill very day and the poor seniors resort to eating dog food. Can not the mighty US goverment stop this piece of trash?

  8. Yes, he is a fraud as well as most of the others including
    Ernest Angely,Rod Parsley,and Benny Hinn.
    I have been there, done that.
    All they can do is make money for themselves, and they do!
    The only true person who heals and makes life better is a woman called
    Barbara O’Malley.
    She NEVER asks for money and has literally healed me and my children as well as friends and family and never takes credit for
    She says its from Jesus and the Virgin Mary and works through her.
    You should read her history and documentation on her website.
    She gives her healing during a mass. The collection plate is passed, but no one ever tells you how much to give.
    I dont even think she gets any of the money since it goes to the
    I swear by her, and I have proof of my healing as do thousands of others.
    She was even on Oprah a few years after she healed us.
    Well, thats my 2 cents.
    I am aware of fakes and frauds and she is NOT one of them!

    Phil: Healing through the Virgin Mary? Do you have Scripture for this?

  9. there is no such thing as healing through the virgin mary. there is only one person who call heal you and that is the lord jesus christ. he is the only healer

  10. I agree that you have to watch this man. He has several non-profit oganizations under Don Stewart Ministries, America’s Children Hunger Fund, American Indian Children’s Hunger Fund, Feed My People Children’s Charities, Northern Arizona food Bank, Feeding America’s Hungry Children just to name a few. Make sure you read the fine print when you donate to these organizations.

  11. Uhhhhhhhhhh…..can anyone say ROBERT TILTON???
    If you don’t know who Robert Titlon is, Google and read.
    This guy is the exact same kind of conman….snake oil folks.
    Don’t fall for it….just GO to church. Find a good pastor/preacher. Talk to him. He has better answers than any SELF PROCLAIMED “Apostles” (hehe…is there an Apostle College somewhere that none of us are aware of??)

  12. The verse Don Stewart uses is valid. I don’t see the issue. I’ve known of people who were healed through the annointing being released through a piece of material. If it worked for Paul why not today? So what’s the beef? I think some of you need to understand scripture. I can understand questioning spiritual things. We should be wise. But I feel that many who don’t understand some spiritual things criticize them because they lack spiritual knowledge. Remember that we are God’s children and if someone believes differently than we do, we should pray for them and not criticize them. God hasn’t given any of His children permission to criticize another. It’s judging! We will be judged for that by Jesus, if we do not have the right spirit. The Body of Christ is to be united not divided. If you don’t agree with someone, why not be silent and pray for them? That is what I do when I see something I don’t agree with. I don’t feel a need to condemn people. We just have differing interpretations of things.

    • Hi Alena,

      The verse Stewart uses is valid? How so? Did the Ephesians send Paul the apron back for him to pray over or were they healed instantly? (Acts 19)

      Alena, we are to criticize false doctrines and bad teachings. Paul rebuked Peter openly. That wasn’t silence Alena. (Galatians 2:14)

      I see you are judging and criticizing me for criticizing the “apostle”. Did you pray for me and stay silent as you’ve requested I do? If not then why not Alena?

      1Corinthians 5:9-13 instructs us not to judge the world and I don’t but apostle Don claims to be a Brother so you and I are instructed to judge him.

      Thanks for stopping by Alena!


    • Hi Alena, your an idiot… That’s right now I’m judging you!!!!! have you had an experience with Mr. Stewart? I didn’t think so… This mans teachings are atrocious he claims if you send in a donation for $700 you’d get 3 times that much back but I just googled Mr.Stewart and it’s a known proven fact that he throws the prayer request away minus the checks…. You pray for him!!!! I hope be rots in hell for what he’s doing to people that has no money, to people that all they have is their faith so for you to sit there and write your rediculous comment is absurd…. I’ve dealt with people like him it makes me feel like god will not bless me without going bankrupt….for you to take his side makes you worse then him

  13. I’ve also had my share of experience with Don Stewart I went on the web site and I recieved my green cloth did what I was told mailed itin the morning, the next few days I started recieving more letters but no hanky the letters are always asking for a load of money I never send in money. I’m still waiting for the hanky!!!!! God doesn’t require a donation in order to recieve his blessing anybody with a half a brain should know this . The last letter I got donations ranged from $200-$700 I laughed like crazy this man actually thinks I would send him $700. I felt as if he was telling me that god will bless me Only if I make a donation… I have alot of faith in god and I know he is the richist man on earth why would he need $700? Now I can’t get Mr. Stewart to Stop sending me crap… These people should not be allowed to do this I used to go to church alot but I’ve stop because most of those so called preachers are Frauds it’s either lose my faith in our father or just lose my faith for preachers I chose to lose the preachers.. God will not foresaken me he will not give me false hope, most of these preachers are driving big cars living in huge homes and I start to wonder where’s gods half?

  14. The bible says in revelation 11,if you harm these two witnesses you will die.These two are the very prophets you say are faulse.There not faulse,you had watch what you say or do to them,GOD SAYS SO.

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