Joyce Meyer and The Fairy Godmother

I love the Blasphemer’s Network, better known as TBN. Recently, I enjoyed a special treat as Joyce Meyer was hosting Praise the Lord and one of her special guests was none other then the Fairy Godmother of female televangelists, Marilyn Hickey. 

Praise The Lord is the nightly talk show where heretics are given the opportunity by chief heretics Paul and Jan Crouch to sell their books; CD’s and promote their ministries all the while raising money for TBN.Win/win for them and a big lo$$ for anyone who falls for the garbage the heretics spew. This is also the opportunity for the heretics to promote their mentors, sycophants and gay psalmists. Meyer bragged about what an honor it was for her to invite Hickey to spend the 10 minutes or so to talk about “prayer”. 

According to Joyce Meyer, Hickey actually passed her radio ministry onto Meyer through prayer at the church where Meyer attended some 30 years ago. Allegedly, Hickey was leaving radio and Meyer was trying to enter into that area and all of Meyer’s monumental success was attributed to a prayer made by Hickey. God was certainly blessing that day! 

These two promoters of prosperity were definitely a hoot. It was interesting listening to these two heretics as they spouted on and on about prayer. Hickey said “we must look for answers when we pray” and then said we must “watch and pray”. No biblical references were ever given for their assumptions which are nothing unusual for these two grandmothers of greed.  

Watch and pray was what Jesus told his disciples to do. He wanted them to pay careful attention to what was going on around them and then pray to God for the strength to protect them. Hickey believes we are to look around and see what to pray for and then ask God for this. As usual, their theology cup is nearly empty but enough for their followers to take an unhealthy drink.  

Hickey believes that Matthew 18:19 means that whenever 2 or more come into agreement, their prayers will be answered. She didn’t use this on this particular show, but she has in the past which gives me room to question anything she says about prayer. 

Hickey then told a story about her daughter, heretic in training Sarah Bowling. Allegedly, Bowling, while a student at Oral Roberts University, was unsure of her belief in Jesus when, allegedly, God told Hickey to “be cool” because God speaks “slang”. Hickey continued praying and a person who was saved at one of Hickey’s crusades 20 years before prayed for Bowling and the rest is heretic history. 

Hickey was then given the chance to run a trailer of her healing crusade to Ethiopia where she claimed many physical healings yet failed to offer documentation that any physical healings actually occurred. Of course, all of this happened because of Hickey’s “prayers”. 

Guess praying to the devil really works because I’m absolutely certain they ain’t praying to God. 












22 thoughts on “Joyce Meyer and The Fairy Godmother

  1. Marylin Hickey and her heretic-in-training Sarah Bowling is a fraud. I pray that the people who listen to these two liars will have their eyes opened like Elisha’s servant when he saw the Lord’s Chariots.

  2. you are bad mouthing the servants of God, and I can tell you right now, Mr. Phil, if this does not stop, you will not live much longer. You allow all kinds of vicious comments, and God is not pleased.

    Phil: Is this a threat? Have you some “revelation knowledge” you’d like to share? Do you want me to disobey God Barbara?

  3. I am trying to locate the church Joyce Meyer now attends in the St. Louis area. My daughter recently moved to St. Louis and is looking for a good, Bible preaching church with Truth. I have attended Joyce’s seminars and know that any church she attends has to be preaching the solid Word and Truth. Can you help me? Thank you so much, Lisa Loper

    Phil; Lisa, Joyce Meyer doesn’t teach sound doctrine. I wouldn’t recommend this church or any church that allows her access to their pulpit. Check out the site a bit more.

  4. I have watched Marylin and Sarah on Tv and I find them to be mightiest women of God. As for Joyce, I recently saw her in WA at the Tacoma Dome and she was filled with the spirit of God. The bible says if you are a godly man or woman you will know God’s people because we are all one body. You obviously cannot relate to the message of the messengers because you are not part of the body of Christ, but against it. What they both teach is Christ’s doctrine of a risen saviour trying to reach the thirsty soul before is too late.

  5. I’ve determined there are 3 kinds of christian, the leftist revolutionary who believe that the government is the source of blessing, than there’s the pie in the sky type christianity of most americans with 401k’s, full refrigerators, and are walking distance to 100 doctors that tell ppl in grinding poverty it is Gods will their children are starving and sick but not to worry for God will wipe away their tears in the sweet by and by, than theres the christians that teach that we can recieve blessing from God that its not Gods will for children to starve that God wants his children prosperous so they can help ppl.

  6. Maritza,

    What do you base your analogy that these women are filled with the Spirit? They certainly don’t speak the Truth of scripture, so is it their looks or that they tell you all the things you want to hear?

  7. I attend Orchard Road Christian Center/Marilyn Hickey Ministries. I can tell you that these are amazing women of God that live life VERY humbly. They do not have huge homes and multiple cars. They give, give, give to our congregation in ways you can’t even imagine. They spend ALL of the money from the TV show to spread the gospel in 3rd world countries. Marilyn alone has lead HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of desperate people to Christ – and she doesn’t ask them for a cent. I’ll tell you that you are dead wrong. They teach scripture on a weekly basis better than any I’ve ever heard.

    Phil: Please show me in the Scriptures where it ever says we can “sow a seed” to meet a specific need Juifree?

  8. You are just jealous because you are not as good a preacher or as good looking as these two women. These women are out in the open due to recieve critical remarks by someone hiding behind the internet pages. So there!

    Phil: I’m hardly “jealous” Collin….and I’m hardly “hiding”…..Google me dude and you can find out where I work, live etc….if I “google” Collin I get pages and pages of nothing…..who’s the one really hiding?

  9. HI PHIL..Good Girl Joyce M got me to go back to church after many years of Super Sin..She planted a few big seeds as THEY say..IM grateful to her but I do not send her money any longer..She is a bible teacher and she helps many people..She is very generous with HER big book and tape money..She Gives to the poor, down trodden, prostitutes, hurricane Kat, India,The dream Center, on and on..IM glad her mouth helped me get myself back to Jesus Christ in 1999..I understand where YOU are coming from some..IM sick of all the BS, HYPE, MONEY$$$ JETS, Mercedes $100,000, multi million dollar homes, Arrogance, whatever..HEY, IM just a sinner saved by grace and all of us are messed up..Marilyn H travels more than ANY Woman alive..Her and SARAH take nice 5 STAR Hotel- First Class Mission Trips 3 per year..NOT BAD ..IM trying to get to Israel 2009..Peace Brother

  10. I believe that you are upset at just about everyone that teaches faith, healing, prosperity. Even though I am not really into the prosperity teaching I believe God doesn’t mind his children having more than enough if they help others with that blessing. I’m wondering if you have anything to say about Charles (Chuck) Swindol, Billy Graham, Charles Stanley or any other BAPTIST. It seems to me that you have a grudge against those of the Pentecostal movement. It’s interesting that Jesus taught quite a bit on faith and healing. He even got upset when his own disciples didn’t practice it. Are you upset at Jesus? I guarantee you He is upset at you if you are trying to stop his teachings.

    • Hi,

      I don’t have any problems with people teaching faith healing and prosperity…….I have a HUGE problem when those teaching the above are misusing God’s Word in doing so…..

      Billy Graham is a Universalist and I have a big problem with that……

      Charles Stanley is divorced and is disqualified to be a pastor (1Timothy3:1-7)

      Chuck Swindol told me once my Hebrew sucked……

      How’s that?

      Jesus talked about being greedy and going to hell for leading His sheep astray……two things Joyce and Co are infamous for……

      Nah, I ain’t upset with Jesus and if He’s upset with me I’m sure I’ll hear about it from Him……..

      Take Care Rudy!


  11. I can’t believe what I just read. I thought we are supposed to all be God’s children. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH YOUR BROTHER TAKE IT UP WITH HIM. THE DEVIL LOVES TO CAUSE STRIFE. THAT IS ALL THIS IS. YOU HAVE COMPLETELY TWISTED AND TURNED DR. SAIKKI words and teachings to suit your own vindictive purpose. If you don’t believe in the proserity message you need to go back to your bible or get a knew one. I was healed from a broken back and neck at one of Dr. Sadikki’s converences. I have never seen a more spirit filled man of God. Thank you Jesus for leading me to his ministry.I will praise Him everyday for that. You definately could benifit from going to see him yourself. Just because you don’t have the faith don’t blast us Christians who do!Ask and it will be given to you. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it will be open unto you. I think you need to spend more time on your knees and in the word instead of spending your time blasting others. God bless everyone. Danni

  12. I have faith that God will give what He decides is coming to all of us: Myself, Joyce Meyer and everyone else. We will all stand in His judgement, and He’s not going to be afraid to use the same standards we ourselves use to judge others by.

  13. I just warned a friend of mine today, who told me that she is going to Joyce Meyer’s conference, that Meyer’s teachings are not biblical. My friend was surprised to hear this, and she said she thought Meyer’s stuff was good. “Good” maybe; in line with God’s Word, not even close! Indeed, Meyer tells people what they want to hear. “In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead, and in view of his appearing and his kingdom, I solemnly urge you: proclaim the message; be persistent whether the time is favorable or unfavorable; convince, rebuke, and encourage, with the utmost patience in teaching. For the time is coming when people will not put up with sound doctrine, but having itching ears, they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own desires, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander away to myths.” 2 Timothy 4:1-5

  14. Sir, Are you a child of God or an agent of satan? though you sound to represent the former your comments are glaringly out of tune with the spirit of Jesus. There isn’t much anybody- you or somebody else-can do against the truth. We’ve had people like you all through the ages but the church has kept matching on. No need replying you, I only wrote for the sake of innocent people who may be misled by your writings. May the Lord be merciful unto you, may he open the eyes of your understanding in Jesus name I pray- Amen

  15. Judging from the venom coming from your mouth, you are being eaten alive my jealousy. The problem is, the Lord never shows up at your meetings, you have never been granted a miracle in all your life, and people who you pray for die, right under your hand. The Lord does, however, show up each and every time when Marilyn, Sarah and Joyce pray with IN YOUR FACE miracles you cannot explain. Thus, you are being eaten alive by jealousy…kind of like that man in “Amadeus”…Antonio Salieri was his name. He cut his throat because he was so miserable. If we were to unzip you, that’s what you would look like. Sad, damaged, insane. And I am quite certain you are going to hell, and we will see the smoke of you in the distance. And that is a very, very sad thing. Don’t bother about acting like you’re “obeying” God. He is not listening to you. Go ahead, test Him and see. He will NEVER show up.

  16. Jesus performed real miracles and never made a penny. He was poor by this worlds standard.

    If Joyce Myer’s performs miracles like Jesus then why is she so wealthy? Most ministers are not wealthy by this woirld’s standards by we are happy and content where the Lord has put us.

    No, no, no a thousand times no. We are not jealous of Joyce Meyer, Benny Hinn or Kenneth Copeland. In fact I feel sorrow for their miserable exsistence.

  17. I have read all these comments and just want to bring scripture into this. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth you as he did to me. Matthew 24:24 talks about false christ and false prophets you will come to deceive even the elect. Matthew 7: 15-23 warns us of wolves dressed in sheeps clothing and 1 Timothy 6:3-5 talks about the teachers who teach the godliness is means to financial gain. I was in favour of these televangelists until God revelaed his truth to me one day, and yes it was hard to accept that these “Godly” men and women of God could be teaching false doctrines
    but the truth is God pre warned us that these things will happen and ….could they be the wolves ……

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