Juanita Bynum Typing in Tongues?

I’ve been operating this itsy bitsy little blog for nearly five years and over the course of those years I’ve seen some really strange stuff but what I just read here could possibly be the strangest thus far.

Juanita Bynum is typing in tongues?

The Apostle Paul instructed the Corinthians (and us) Continue reading

Is Jesus Christ Jim Bakker’s Master or is Money His Master?

My good friend JB (not Jim Bakker) informed me that Jim Bakker is now in the cereal business and hawking his new blend of organic cereal on his television show and website. You can read all about his yummy for the tummy cereal here.

Is there anything inherently wrong with Bakker promoting his cereal, or any other product he promotes on a TV show that he pays for?

Nope, and we shouldn’t give a rip about this cereal or any other products he sells to his devoted followers. He’s free to promote and sell whatever he likes just as long as it isn’t illegal.

Last night I was thinking about Bakker and what he’s been up to and the following Scripture came to mind; Continue reading

Another Former Employee of Jim Bakker Speaks Out!!

There is another former employee of Jim Bakker speaking out…..this individual has asked that their name be withheld and after confirming that this person is who they say they are, I would like to point you to the following articles;




For additional reading please see the following links;




Is Jessa Bentley Demon Possessed or Just A Bad Actress?

There are some claiming Todd Bentley’s wife Jessa  is demon possessed. There are others claiming Jessa is just a very bad actress. Check out the video below and weigh in. Is she demon possessed or just a bad actress? My vote? Bad actress.



Please Go Away Todd Bentley!!

There are some folks, well, plenty of folks I wish would just shut up and go away. Some of those people have small platforms so when they speak no one really pays attention to their lunacy. Todd Bentley is one of those who I wish would just shut up but for some strange reason people still want to hear him speak. LOTS and LOTS of people. Below is an interview Todd did with Lisa Ling.

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The Shrinking New Testament by Boyd Miller

As the charismatic madness has swept the world and infected all the churches, the New Testament has shrunk to only 22 books. Today’s church worshippers begin with the book of Acts and totally ignore the teachings of Jesus in the first four books. The modern mega-church sermon is more interested in the accomplishments and wealth of a few Old Testament prophets than the words uttered by Jesus. Of course one could hardly expect an honest presentation of Matt. 6 from a man or woman adorned in a $1500 garment standing on a raised platform surrounded by body guards proclaiming their “anointing” and spiritual gifts.

The average charismoron is more acquainted with Malachi 3(which wasn’t written to them) than Matthew 5 and 6(which was). Sad!

What is a Heretic and How Do We Deal With These People?

We hear the word “heretic” brought up quite a bit these days. Sometimes folks using this word don’t really know what the definition of the word is or even how to use it. More importantly some who use this term have failed to listen to this clear statement on how to deal with heretics from Paul to Titus; Continue reading