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The thread posted by Boyd regarding Jim Bakker has brought the following testimony from a former employee of Jim Bakker. This person who posted this some time ago posted on another site in praise of the Bakker’s. To protect this person’s identity I won’t give the link as this person did sign their name to the posting. I will leave it up to the individual in question to state who they are if they so desire. After the jump I invite you to read this testimony and interact with the various issues and concerns raised.

Hello all,

I have been reading this thread for quite some time as I stumbled on it several months ago. I was mad at first when I began to read this thread. You see I was still working at Morningside. I have known Jim and Lori for several years and I worked for them a few times while they were in Branson.

I will get to my point in a bit as you will see but I need to give some back ground for a few moments.

I first met Jim on 2001,and he was in my opinion a truly humble..changed…man. He was on his 7th show,so I came in at the beginning or re start or re launch so to speak.

He shared stories of prison life and how he was wrongly accused of over selling time shares and wire fraud. Well before I dove in too deep..I read his “I was Wrong” book.

Jim and Lori had just adopted 5 children from Phoenix AZ. As I worked with them I befriended the kids because they truly had been taken from the pit to the palace so to speak and really had no clue how to act or interact with the “partners” and those who came in the studio.

In doing so, I got close with Jim and Lori and I truly think that they had the purest of hearts and intentions. I mean Jim drove a donated Buick Park Avenue..and Lori had a Chrysler Seabring that had about 150k on it…BUT they were happy and you could TRULY feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in that place.. No there was no money but there were friends and we all were close…. OK now I had to move away in 2002… so we will FF till present day…

December 2009…… I was aware that a position had become available and would be open soon that fit my line of work,something that I have great passion for. I contacted Morningside and spoke with several people over the next few months to get acquainted with them and the position. Not mentioning the names of these people,there is no reason to..I will however mention names of some a bit later. After having to make a trip to Springfield MO totally unrelated to anything @ Morningside..I decided to make a visit.

I spoke with a few old friends and then prayed and asked God if I was truly called to be there. I did get the Holy Spirit confirmation several times and then set out to make the 700 mile move.

Once here EVERTHING fell into place.. It was too perfect!!

Jim and Lori welcomed me back with open arms. We caught up on things over several encounters and I was told what a God send I was for this time. I was truly happy.

FF …a month or so

I am now doing my job plus helping out with several other things in the Ministry. At this time I begin to realize that the man who brought Jim up from FL and put him back on TV was NOT…NOT…. the man that I thought him to be. I began to see the demands he put on Jim for money to pay for things that he was doing….then billing the Ministry for what he had done. I have witnessed first hand how this man manipulates Jim. Any time the Ministry gets money…a bill is sent over for a huge amount due with in a few days. I still do not fully understand the relationship that is present between Jim and him but it at the very least…Un Healthy…at the very worse… Manipulation,control..and out right horrible….. NOW WAIT !!!!!

you have to read the WHOLE of this to get my point.

At the same time as I am seeing all of this I finally get to meet who I will call the former poster child of Morningside. She came and visited for a week. She is a widow and has 2 teen girls. I never understood…. for a long time while I was watching the show she was on it ALL the time. I mean hey, she DID get a miracle from God by being able to sell her home in a depression and not only that but for CASH. She bought a condo @ MS and helped out in any way she could. She gave money,time and prayer…..then one day POOF she was not on the show and I had not seen or heard of her since. Well, I found out she did in fact still live there. She just keeps to herself now… WHY do you ask? Glad you asked..:)

At some point…. someone entered her condo with out her there,and saw an old Catholic cross w Jesus on it,but it was said it was a headless Jesus and she was a witch. Further examination revealed his head to be bowed,and at the right angle it did appear he was headless…….SO the “witch hunt” began. The developer of MS made an announcement in church one day that a witch was living there and the reason the place wasn’t growing was because of this. EVERYONE in MS knew about what was going on and they also knew that she was named. Everyone but her!!

Time goes on.. people mame and defame her name to the point that she cant be out in public there because of this lie…….. Now she is stuck there in an over priced 330k condo she paid CASH for.

This is one example of how the good people of MS treat the residents once the Money runs out.

I witnessed Shuffle Boards going in…in lieu of paying TV time. MS has a fully operational police car complete w the original lights and sirens in leiu of paying TV time.

The list could go on but you get the point.

While I was working @ MS the Masters Commission School was about to graduate. It was the day of graduation that I met Jim’s ex son in-law. He had come to see the grandson graduate. I talked with him for a bit and could tell he felt out of place. SO I decided to get to know him. He is by all rights a very nice person with a heart of gold! He voiced to me that he would like to move to the area but needed a job first.. well there was no problem with that,or so I thought… I told him I would hire him.

I went to Jim and Lori and told them of what I thought was great news. I found a person able to preform the job functions above and beyond what I was looking for at that time.

I was shot down instantly.. I was told of drug addiction and ..well more than I care to write. BUT I was determined and knew he was the right fit. I was a day away from having him fill out his paperwork when I was told it would cause major family problems and that it could not be done.

I believed in this guy so much so,that I began to seek out other ventures that I could obtain and plug him into it.

FF a bit….

The wedding was soon approaching …and I had a big part to play in the functionality of it. I was talking with Jim’s daughter one evening and asked her what she thought of the plans that had been made..

“Its not what I wanted” she said… I don’t want any of this !! I wanted to get married in our condo with a few friends and now it has turned into wedding-zilla.

Just watch the video online of what she didnt want and you will see what I am talking about. Another thing that disturbed me while this was being planned was that the groom didnt want it to go out live on the net. He was told that he was marring into the wrong family if he didnt want his life from now on to be a public spectacle. And the term ” OUR Life is a production” was thrown out more times than I can count.


I am able to secure a business in the area where the ex son in-law can work so he can relocate his new wife and infant (cute as heck) baby girl. I am at this time trying to sell the shoppe I had bought @MS so I dont have the overhead of 2 businesses

Enter Bob and Rose Drake……

They had just moved to MS from FL. Rose was going to buy the little shoppe that I had only purchased 2 months prior, as soon as she arrived. They were disappointed to see it had been sold to me.

I offered it to him and he stated as soon as his money came he would buy it. This lasted a few weeks. At the same time, Jerry Crawford was in discussion with Bob on a frequent basis.

I was also beginning to feel …well a cold shoulder from many of the people there.

I was called into Jerry Crawfords office and asked if I had purchased a business. I said yes I had and we were going to open it soon,but I had the staff for it and it was not going to interfere with what I was doing there.

I was told I and my entire staff @ MS was fired… and I needed to remove personal belongings at that point.

He went on to say that he would tell everyone that I went on to pursue other interests.

Well that was LIE #1

It was said that I left without warning and had taken all employees with me.

Lie #2 was told by Kevin Shorey(Jim’s Co-Host) and his Mother (the keyboard player) that I had stolen money and was dismissed.

the list goes on and on….

At this time the man who I had believed in so much,turned on me. The EX son in-law got in on the game. And with him and several others they began to slander,harass, and just plain make up stuff. Bob Drake the man who was going to buy my shoppe was now in charge of my position. And in a strange turn of events,the EX was now on payroll…

This could have gotten ugly but I contacted my Attorney and we began a law suite.


1. The shipping Dept at the time of this writing can not get any more product to send out as a love gift. WHY? well the vendors wont send anymore water pitchers or…you get the point. WHY? They have not been paid !! Yes the partners sent the money in…but well you put it together.

2. The new and hottest product to hit MS Silver SOL (BTW DOES help burns and heals in 1/2 the time) is making people sick. 2 people that I know personally have been hospitalized because of this product. WHY? because they are told that it replaces their normal meds.

3. Lots of vacationing had been going …LOTS…. Fill in the blank………

Phil……. I could say much more and forgive me for rambling..or venting I guess you could say…

I am open to questions or comments……

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