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World renown worship leader and evangelist Davi Silva has publicly admitted to lying about himself and his experiences. Apparently he’s been lying since his early childhood and you can read his confession at the following link;


That took real courage.

This paragraph from his retraction really stood out, at least to me;

Since August of 1999, I have been ministering along with Mike Shea all over Brazil and in other countries, as well. During all these years, I shared many testimonies – including my Down syndrome healing testimony – dreams, visions, various supernatural and out-of-body experiences.

Well, I have included lies in almost all of these stories. Some of them are complete lies. There is one story in particular I have stolen from a brother in Christ who has had the experience I always said was mine. There are other testimonies that are mine and are partially true.

I have lied to my family, to my ministry, to the church of the Lord, and others who don’t know Jesus, yet. I am writing this text, and also posting a public video, because I have been telling these stories, since 1999, in Brazil, during trips to the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. I would tell them at our seminars, leadership meetings, apostolic and prophetic conferences which would gather people from all over the world. These testimonies have been recorded in CDs and DVDs, bought and spread through places only God knows. People, who have listened to my stories without knowing they were lies, have written about them in their blogs, magazines, and books. They have been interviewed – so have I – on the radio, on television, and ended up passing on both the true and, unfortunately, the false parts of my testimonies.

Incredible huh?

Would you be able to do what Silva has done here?

Again, that takes incredible courage to do what this man has done.

Lets all pray for Davi Silva and those who find themselves in similar circumstances that they have the same courage to do what’s right before its too late and they are forced to do this by whatever means necessary.

HT to Alan Hawkins

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