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Pastor Perry Noble, of New Spring Church, is on the hot seat, and rightly so. Apparently Noble’s staff decided rather then answer or even ignore a particular blogger, College Professor James Duncan, they set out to destroy this mans reputation and his family.

Reading what Mr. Duncan has been forced to endure by these thugs claiming to be Christians is heart wrenching. Having myself endured much of what Duncan has been forced to endure, my heart and prayers go out to him.

Noble, like many of the independents, don’t handle criticism very well and his disdain for bloggers like Duncan is public knowledge. Have a listen to this 5 minute clip and you can get a better appreciation for how Noble feels.

If you spend some time watching some of the other videos related to Noble, one common theme is evident; don’t you dare criticize him and don’t even think about questioning what he teaches. Sorta like a dictator huh?

Professor Duncan was interviewed by Chris Rosebrough here and here. The show contains many clips of Noble bagging on bloggers and is an interesting listen if you have the time.

While its admirable Noble fired the employee, he never once apologized for the terrorist tactics of those of his staff and sheep. A noble pastor would not only have apologized but resigned as he would have felt responsible for this mess as the shepherd. There are some who believe Noble’s constant put downs of those who disagree with him played a part in this sad situation.

Should Perry Noble resign?

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