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In yesterdays posting I introduced you to Mr. Peter Wagner, a man who claims to be an “Apostle”. Today I would like to introduce to you Mr. Richard Wright. He is another man who claims he is an “Apostle”. Today I will examine one of “Apostle Wright’s” teachings and demonstrate just how absurd Richard Wright’s claims are in the light of Scripture. Please see the following link;




Apostle Richard Wright

For quite some time now I have been asking, “where are the true five-fold evangelists today? Where are the true pastors and teachers since we have been told that they were restored to the Church years ago?” Our contemporary understanding of the dispensations of the five-fold ministry offices has been:

• The 1950s: The office of evangelist was restored
• The 1960s: The office of pastor was restored
• The 1970s: The office of teacher was restored
• The 1980s: The office of prophet was restored
• The 1990s: The office of apostle was restored






Chapter and verses please Apostle Wright….?



“Apostle” Wright natters on;


“Since we are told in Ephesians 2 that the foundations of God’s household are apostles and prophets, we can begin to see that there could not be a clear definition of evangelist, pastor and teacher until the apostles and prophets were fully restored. Many times we tend to say we believe something simply because we see it in scripture, but it takes more understanding of the ways of God than merely reading and implementing something in the Bible.”






Ephesians 2:20 ESV


20   built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus himself being the cornerstone,



Built on the apostles and prophets. The foundation has already been laid and there is no need for a new foundation to be built. Apostle Wrong believes the foundation are apostles and prophets. Paul uses past tense while Apostle Wrong uses the present tense most likely in order to validate his “apostleship”.



Now let’s go back to all the “restoring” Apostle Wrong claims took place. We know that the foundation was already laid because the Scriptures tell us so. What the Scriptures don’t tell us is that these two particular offices would be restored. This particular statement is very telling….don’t you think?


“Many times we tend to say we believe something simply because we see it in scripture, but it takes more understanding of the ways of God than merely reading and implementing something in the Bible”.


Apostle Wrong can’t get past Ephesians 2:20 so he goes way beyond the text inventing a scenario that has ZERO scriptural support whatsoever. Apparently he doesn’t believe in Sola Scriptura and he doesn’t want his readers or his followers to believe that scripture stands alone either.


Apostle Wrong says something similar to the WoF wolves….the WoF wolves tell the sheeple they didn’t get their “breakthrough” because they didn’t have enough “faith”….Apostle Wrong tells his followers they need more “understanding” to swallow this garbage. Both are WRONG and BOTH are destructive to the Body of Christ.


One more statement from Apostle Wrong. Here’s where the rubber meets the road;

When the true definitions of the five-fold offices come, they will come from the governmental office of the apostle. These definitions will not come from the religion of man, nor from the mind of man, but from the very Spirit of God through revelation. These definitions will surprise many and many will reject them because of an unwillingness to change.





Chapter and verses please Apostle Wrong?



In other words Apostle Wrong wants to be the one that defines the five fold offices because he is the apostle…and he wants his followers to believe this “new revelation” is coming from him…..Nice!!!!!!!



Forget about the Scriptures and just blindly follow the “apostle” and his new “revelations” because, after all he understands the ways of God. He even throws in the caveat “many will reject them because of an unwillingness to change”. This guy sounds more like a cult leader then an apostle IMHO.



Apostle Wrong is absolutely right about one thing….I refuse to accept his teaching. Not out of an unwillingness to change but because his teaching is unbiblical….and I firmly stand on the foundation that the apostles and prophets built and not on the foundation of some gibberish from a highly confused man claiming authority from an office that has clearly ceased.


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